Introduction: Wordpress Animatronics Alert With Raspberry Pi

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Sure, Wordpress sends an email when someone posts a comment but who wants to receive (and) read more emails? I don´t and that’s the reason for this humble Animatronics Wordpress comments alert.

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Assembly

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1. Glue the servo motor to the back of the toy

2. Connect the iron wire between the mouth and the servo (you can also 3d print a fancy mechanism)

3. Make eyes holes and glue green leds, glue the red led inside the mouth

Step 3: Circuit

Picture of Circuit

Image is self-explanatory. Eyes leds are always on (as in I'm running right now) Tongue led will only be on when the mouth opens as a result of a new Wordpress comment.

Step 4: Software

1. Open terminal and type "sudo nano"

(Type or copy/paste the file)

2. Edit this line to enter your own Wordpress URL


3. If you want to autoexecute when Raspberry Pi starts, edit etc/rc.local

(sleep 10;python

Step 5: Demo

Manually execute with

sudo python

That's all. Thanks for your feedback ;)


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