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This submission will describe how I made my 12-year old son a worgen hunter costume for Halloween 2011. He loves World of Warcraft and his main character is a level 80 worgen hunter. (Worgens are a werewolf-like species of humans.)

The main parts of this project are:
Part 1: The worgen body (head, torso, arms, paws, legs, feet)
Part 2: Steampunk combat hunting rifle with ammo drum (stock, barrel, ammo drum, scope, and sling, plus optional flashlight and ammo bandolier)
Part 3: The tabard (with the Gilneas symbol on it)
Part 4: Pauldrons (which I actually never made because I ran out of time before Halloween)

Supplies and materials needed:
[ ] 2in x 8in x__ft untreated lumber board
[ ] pipe strapping
[ ] Screws
PVC pipe
Glue sticks for glue gun
Upholstery foam (“soft”)
fake fur
armature wire
acrylic paint
clear polyurethane
needle n' thread
Craft bear claws (pack of six at Hobby Lobby for about $3)
Old pair of sneakers

Tools needed:
Glue gun

Note: The worgen holding the rifle in these images with the blue background was posted by Garekh and I copied it from his post at www.mmo-champion.com in October 2011.

Step 1: Part 1: Worgen Body - Influences on the design of the worgen body

The design of the worgen body was primarily influenced by the worgen characters in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.
This image is of my son’s main character, a worgen hunter

The worgen holding the rifle in the images with the blue background was posted by user Garekh at www.mmo-champion.com

Here are some good reference photos I found for the coloring of wolf fur

Here are some good reference photos I found for “raised hackles”, giving a wolf an aggressive look

This photo of a maned wolf is also a good reference photo for “raised hackles” (by hungryhyaena.blogspot.com)
Oh btw if it were a pixy hunter that'd be fine =)
Woohoo Warcraft!! nice costume!

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