This submission will describe how I made my 12-year old son a worgen hunter / ranger costume for Halloween. He loves World of Warcraft and his main character is a worgen hunter. (Worgens are a werewolf-like species.)

This project consists of the following main parts (see figure A):

Part 1: Torso

Part 2: Legs

Part 3: Feet

Part 4: Arms

Part 5: Paws (Hands)

Part 6: Head

Part 7: Tabard

Supplies needed:

    • Long-sleeve underarmour shirt
    • Upholstery foam (“soft”)
    • 2-Tone Light Brown Long Pile Craft Fur
    • velcro (a roll or piece that is about 1.5 inches wide)
    • Glue sticks for the hot glue gun
    • Contact cement
    • armature wire
    • needle and thread
    • 10 craft bear claws (a pack of six at Hobby Lobby is about $3)

    Tools needed:

    • Hot glue gun
    • Drill
    • x
    • x
    • x

    For my overall plan for the body, I was very much positively influenced by missmonster's Werewolf costume instructable here (https://www.instructables.com/id/realistic-werewolf-costume/). However, I did deviate from missmonster’s instructable in two main ways: (1) I made the paws and arms as separate pieces versus one long piece and (2) I made the legs separate from the torso instead of one big piece. See figure B.

    The fur I chose was 2-Tone Light Brown Long Pile Craft Fur (see figure L) purchased at Hobby Lobby.For a great weapon for this worgen, see my Warcraft Combat Hunting Rifle with Revolver-Style Ammo Drum instructable at https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-Warcraf...

    Influences on the design of the worgen body include:

    • My son’s World of Warcraft character, Warko, a worgen hunter (figure C).
    • An illustration of a worgen holding a rifle by Garekh (retrieved from his post at www.mmo-champion.com in October 2011; see figures D and E).
    • The “right” color for wolf-like fur – see figure G.
    • References on the look of “raised hackles” for giving the costume an aggressive look – see figures H, I and J.

    Additionally, I think a good alternative to making your own worgen body would be to buy a werewolf costume – see the Alternative Methods section at the end of this instructable.

    Step 1: Torso

    A.First, make a duct tape dummy of the future costume-wearer’s torso to help out with sizing. See Rain Blanken’s excellent tutorial at http://diyfashion.about.com/od/diyfashiontoolkit/ss/Duct_Tape_Dummy.htm. See figure 1.2. Obviously, use the body of the person who will be wearing the costume.

    B.Cut the arms off a long-sleeve Underarmour shirt that fits over the dummy. Make the cuts just above the elbow (as in figure 1.1). Put the sleeves to the side. They will be used in Part 4 when we make the arms.

    C.Put the shirt over the duct tape dummy.

    D.Now we’ll Add some Velcro that will help the torso stay connected to both the arms and legs when the costume-wearer moves about. First, sew and glue the loop (fuzzy) sides of the velcro to the inside of the shirt where the (now short) sleeves end. Second, sew and glue some loop (fuzzy) sides of velcro to the inside of the shirt at the bottom (where it will connect to the legs). See figure 1.3 for an illustration of what parts of Velcro are the “loop” and what parts are the “hook” side. See figure 1.4 for an illustration of where these attachment locations should be. Save the “hook” sides of the velcro for the steps in which we’ll make the arms and legs.

    E.Next, we need to cut some foam to give the worgen torso some powerful-looking muscles, a V-shaped torso, and a “raised hackles” look. Figures 1.5 through 1.8 should give you a sense of how to build up the foam “muscles.”

    F.Use a hot glue gun to attach the foam muscles to the underarmour shirt. NOTE: Some people recommend CONTACT CEMENT instead of hot glue.

    G.Cut shapes of fur with your exacto knife (cut the back as to not mess up the fur).

    H.Glue the fur onto the foam “muscles” and underarmour shirt. Place the pieces close together and fill gaps with smaller pieces.

    I.After you are satisfied, sew all of the glued on pieces together so when you flex and bend, the fur does not show seams and gaps.

    J.Figures 1.9 and 1.10 show the finished torso.

    Oh btw if it were a pixy hunter that'd be fine =)
    Woohoo Warcraft!! nice costume!

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