Fierce Worgen / Werewolf Hunter (Ranger) Costume for Boy

Step 3: Part 1.1: Worgen body - Head

Picture of Part 1.1: Worgen body - Head
werewolf mask by forum novelties inc.jpg
For the head, I decided to just use a mask.

When my son and I saw Blizzard's official worgen mask, we were so excited because the photos of it (see photo) made it look great!  It became our first choice and I ordered it online. 

But when it arrived at our house, we were very disappointed.  My main comlaint about the worgen mask is that it is just too big (see my photos, especially those in which you can compare its size to the other mask).  And not just for a 12 year old boy but for an adult too.  When my son put it on with the costume it looked silly and ruined the whole "look."  I returned the mask to the online retailer.

Of the remaining mask choices, I decided to use a mask marketed as "Werewolf Mask" by Forum Novelties (see photos).  I thought it was a good balance between looking cool and not being too scary for our 3-year old daughter.  Plus, it was under $20.

I thought of dying the hair black to better match the worgen colors, but we didn't have enough time before Halloween.  But the brown hair actually went well with the greyish fur we used.
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