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This is the very first revision of a multi purpose apron able to both save clothes from DIY creative activity and also be useful when it comes to stay close to glasses tools and any other instrument.

In this release I've added only one pocket but the plan is to step by step add more

Step 1: Material

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In order to start you need:

  • Heavy cotton (or denim as you prefer) roughly 160x100 cm
  • A couple of fastening belt
  • A sewing machine (recommended)

Step 2: Cloth Preparation

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Take the longest part of the cloth and bend in order to obtain a doubled layer of roughly 80x100 cm.

On top of this using a chalk copy the plan. Consider that you need to save cloth for the pockets.

After that proceed to cut the cloth using a pair of scissors. Cut leaving a little bit of margin from the chalk path, this will give you the possibility to micro adjust little errors.

Step 3: Sewing

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Using a sewing machine sew the entire border but leave open the bottom one. This give you the possibility to reverse the cloth (like your socks) and hide the seams.

Step 4: Add the Pocket

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Using the remaining clothe prepare a doubled (bended) square of cotton of roughly 18X18 cm.

Sew around the border and leave open the top one. Like before reverse in order to hide the seams and sew the top.

Now you can sew the pocket on the front of the apron (be sure to already have reversed the apron and carefully choose the side that you want to be the front one).

Step 5: Add the Fastening Belt

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Sew the belt side without lock mechanism on the front side.

On the back side do the same with the lock mechanism.

Now insert the belt in the lock crossing left side to the right side mechanism and reverse.

At the end you will have a perfect crossed belt that assure good fit and stability


chesterfoster4598 (author)2016-06-11

This will be very useful in the shop! Thanks for sharing.

tomatoskins (author)2016-06-10

What a great idea! I'm always coming in from the shop covered in sawdust. This would make cleaning up much less of a hassle.

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