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Have you ever had a cluttered work bag. Finding driver bits scattered about or lost. For a mobile work bag it's very difficult to keep track of all the pieces if they keep falling out. Here is a simple project to keep all your Drill bits together. My solution Will only cost you about $2.50.

Step 1: Commercial Product

I found this product at my local hardware store, however it cost five dollars each. With the amount of stuff I keep in my work bag that would break the bank. So I came up with my own way to keep my driver bits together.

Step 2: Traditional Bit Keepers

These traditional keepers usually come with tools when purchased. They usually work great for a while until the bits start falling out. Usually winding up with a messy bag and driver bits everywhere, sometimes even lost.

Step 3: Carry Case

The carry case bit holders are great however they do not fit in work bags. There is no point to having a mobile work bag if you have to just carry an extra case.

Step 4: Items You Will Need

1. Tennis balls
2. Utility knife
3. Marker

Step 5: Cut the Tennis Balls

Cut the tennis balls approximately 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches as shown.

Step 6: Label Your Tennis Balls.

Using a marker label your tennis balls. You can use a symbol to represent Phillips, Flathead, or hex bit drivers or you can simply just label.

Step 7: Organize

Place the corresponding bits in each ball.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Clutter Free Work Bag.

Place The tennis balls back in the clear tube. Now your Bits will fit in your bag and make room for other items.

Since posting I have received great support. There has been great ideas for color coding and labeling, I have to thank everyone coming up with ideas in the comments forum.



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    This should be reward by a DIYer Noble Prize : reading in a row 3 clever, mind blowing Insts' for their simplicity leads me to this conclusion. There should be a Nobel Prize for DIYers and you would be the 1st winner !…



    I guess it is possible to find many more uses

    Brilliant! Im a service tech constantly on the road-this is simplisticly perfect!!

    Thank you for an excellent idea.

    However, you are missing the best by far bit/screwdriver ever invented.

    The Robertson or square head.

    Put any of the bits you have on the driver and point it to the floor. It will fall off.

    Try it with a Robertson. Wave it all around. It will stick like glue. Need to put a screw in a tight spot where you can't hold it with your free hand? The Robertson will hold it for you.

    The square hole in the screw head will always hold its shape.

    The screw driver or bit will last forever. Mine are almost 50 years old.

    Isn't it a real shame that Robertson (square head) screw heads are not the De-Facto ones?... Flat bladed screwdrivers never hold any screw. Philips just add a tiny bit of screw holding, even Hexagonal ones don't surpass the Robertson. And the Robertson han proven to me to be the strongest, most precisely made design.

    But as Hystory will tell time and time again, fir whatever reasons, it didn't succeed and now it is not only not the most sold, and is even very scarce where I live! Amclaussen.


    You really should move close to a store that sells genuine Robertson products.

    You are seriously deprived.



    Deprived... good description, since Ilive in Mexico, we don't have access to many nice little goodies, but we have some advantages from time to time. Last time I was very surprised to find lower car replacement parts here in Mexico than in the USA, and much lower than in Canada. I did a great trip to Canada with my wife several years ago, but as the Canadian currency was above the US Dollar, everything was about 27-30% more expensive than in USA, so I abstained from buying a lot of thingsthat I was desiring to get there. But one thing is for shure: the few Robertson screws that I´ve used were (at least for me) the ABSOLUTELY BEST of all!!! (that's how good they are). Cheers!


    I have been to Mexico twice. It is a lovely place. I even experienced my first and only earthquake there.

    The Mexicans seemed to ignore it but the tourists were "moved". It seemed to activate Montezuma's revenge in some of us.

    Our currency is now below the US dollar. About 63¢. So come on back.

    I'll be your tour guide if you come to Toronto.

    Perhaps you should wait till it gets a little warmer.

    Last night was minus17℃.