Picture of Work Desk Air Supply
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Short instructable. I work best with having as many things at my fingertips as possible.My central work area (which I call my command station) has various monitors, power supplies, tools, computers, etc. for easy access. One of the things I decided I needed to add was an air compressor.

Step 1: Air Compressor

Picture of Air Compressor

I took an inexpensive air compressor from a local department store which costs $12. It was designed to be a small compressor for use in a car to refill a flat tire.


I have one of those little guys that goes with me on motorcycle trips. Super useful.

jedii72 (author) 1 year ago

I have a larger compressor on the other side of the shed I use for longer usage. This is is designed to be a quick pull and use. However, it would not take much to hook it up to a tank or cylinder to pull from.

SeamusDubh1 year ago

Ever think of hooking it to a small cylinder, like larger ones, to giver you greater usage time with out it constantly running.