Work Smarter Not Harder: Vacuum Sealing.




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Introduction: Work Smarter Not Harder: Vacuum Sealing.

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Face it, packing up for a trip stinks. You wrestle and fight all day long with your pesky old suitcase trying to put in all of your clothes and belongings. But next trip, be the one that rises victorious over the suitcase and become the packing legend! Become.........A vacuum sealing mogul!

Step 1: Supplies

1. A vacuum

2. A fairly large garbage bag

Step 2: Big Bag

1. Now, open the bag and squish all of your stuff in there.

Step 3: Bye Bye Air!

1. Stick the nozzle of the vacuum inside of the bag.

2. Wrap your hand over the nozzle and bag to create a seal. (Make sure there is no leaks.)

3. Turn on the vacuum on, and when you feel your clothes are small enough, take the vacuum nose out and QUICKLY tie a tight knot to seal everything.

Done! Now you can relax and think about your upcoming trip. Enjoy!



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