Picture of Work/Play Laptop Stand
I have my desk arranged in a certain way, with my home laptop sitting in one corner. My current job allows me the opportunity to occasionally work from home. Since my job usually consists of plenty of CAD work, I try to avoid working straight off of my laptop. I don't want to pay for a dock, and I find most laptop stands are reminiscent of cubicle life and not the home. This Instructable will allow you to stack multiple laptops for about $10.00 and an hour or two of your life. Presenting: Work/Play, the minimalist laptop stand.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I wanted this stand to be built from off-the shelf material and require minimum woodwork.

Purchase a 3/4 x16 x 36 board at your local hardware store. I purchased side-glued paint-grade panel, not the strongest as you will see. The 16" width is perfect for most laptops. I had the associate cut the following lengths: 13", 13", 4", and 5.5" ( the remainder).

These dimensions are dependent on the size of your laptops.

I also purchased a pack of #8 x 1 1/4 flathead wood screws.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
As I mentioned in the previous step, hobby board is not always the strongest. Makes sure to predrill and countersink! My original plan was use the 4" board as the back but....(I think I just had my mechanical engineering degree revoked). I decided to use that piece of scrap as support and used the remainder as the backing.

Since this project is meant to be easily customizable, feel free to mess around with the dimensions. My home laptop has no connections in the back, so I did not need much depth.

Notice, in the last image, the plastic corner support I added. I think this is the part of a bookshelf that secures it to the wall.
jelte123411 months ago

how about making one using 3 layers of wood, with some strong iron supports in the middle? (and the middle layer of wood having cutouts to accomodate the supports)

Please let me know what you think!

smoak1 year ago
It's a great idea but just be careful with anything too heavy on that top portion. It's just asking to collapse with too much weight on the front of it. With the only support for the top being in the back of the stand it is going to want to rip through the screw and topple whatever expensive electronic you have on top, so be careful. If it's built wide enough you could either put X braces on both sides or just post braces on the front corners.
madhur410 (author)  smoak1 year ago
Yessir, thanks. This version is not strong at all, it turned out more to a be a prototype, but one can explore different versions. The extra piece on the back does act as a support though.
In the last picture on the bottom shelf could that be a Samsung? (AKA Awesome Wicked Cool Neato WOW Love it Best computer making company evar)

madhur410 (author)  Mechanical Undertow1 year ago
jadronx1 year ago
very nice! i like the simple design, could be modded to fit any need, thankyou
madhur410 (author)  jadronx1 year ago
Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. As this is my first Instructable, I really did not know what to expect.Glad people like it.