Workbench Makeover




Introduction: Workbench Makeover

Like most, my garage workbench is always an unorganized mess. Well I finally decided to do something about it over the holiday.

Step 1: Materials

For this makeover I visited my local home improvement store and found a nice piece of peg board in the scrap bin. Freebies are great!

To secure the peg board I used several pieces of pre-drilled angle iron with oversized washers to prevent the peg board from pulling through.

Step 2: The Extras

You get what you pay for at Harbor Freight. But if you're looking for inexpensive tools and such they can't be beat.

A starter pack of peg board hooks run $5.99 on sale and the same multi-outlet strip is $10-15 cheaper than most home improvement stores.

I also added a 15 bins parts organizer.

In total I spent roughly $75 and 2 hours to makeover my workbench. Well worth it I think.



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