Workbench Modification/out Feed Support




Introduction: Workbench Modification/out Feed Support

So a few months ago I built this workbench/ assembly table. It was a great addition to the shop I even hung some cabinets over it. Then I modified it some more by building a drawer to mount on it . The bench kept getting better and better. Then I had an idea . The idea is shorten the legs by 5/8 of an inch to where it could sit flush next to or in front of my table saw . Let's start .

Step 1: Clean Out and Move

So first I had to clean out from under it . The contents include 4 toolboxes, my old drill press
And a recip saw . Then the hard part of finagling it to where I could work on it .

Step 2: Marking and Cutting

Next time to cut so I measured the table saw then the bench and subtracted for the difference. Witch was 5/8 of an inch . so I set my tri square to 5/8 , and marked the legs . Then I used my circular saw and square to make an accurate cut . I can't take any pictures of me cutting it because it was just me and that would have been dangerous .

Step 3: The Bench and All It's Glory

Once it was cut I set it back up where I want it , and it was a perfect fit . Now I need to see how I like it and if i am going to keep it there . The End

Step 4: Public Service Announcement

Be sure to check out my You Tube channel , " Trenton Ramey " . Don't forget to subscribe , like and follow .



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