Workbench and companion worktable

Picture of Workbench and companion worktable
If Minecraft has taught us anything is that any serious crafting starts with a good workbench. Like a lot of people, space is limited and you have to make the most of it. So I really worked on reducing the footprint of the workbench for this project. I highly encourage you to customize either this design or a combination of all the great work available on Instructables to fit your needs.

I want to give credit to jakehathaway for the Worktable design.

I also have a different instructable for the wall shelves you see in the background 

Now let's get started !
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Step 1: Get your materials

What you need can be easily found in any hardware store. What you will need for this project is : 

10 - 2x4
2 - 3/4" plywood sheets
150 - #8 2-1/2" wood screws
4 - dolly wheels

Please disregard the hinges on the picture as I originally wanted the workbench to be foldable but I was not impressed with the stability so I changed my design.

* You can probably use sheets of press wood (OSB) as it is cheaper but I prefer the look and durability of the 3/4" plywood. It will also look better when you apply finish on the top surface of the workbench.
Anthony.w.castillo made it!2 months ago

thanks for the design, built it really quick and from left over wood of another project. i want to paint it just not sure what color

B00mrang (author)  Anthony.w.castillo2 months ago

looks good ! I hope you enjoy the companion working table as much as I do ! I also like the fact that you were able to build it with scrap material !

Supermurray3 months ago

Made this - It is a awesome unit, super solid. The back lip, I made it taller then put peg board on it, and didn't build the shelf. All in with a case of beer I would say $150-200(depending on the beer you drink ;)) 5-6 hours of your time as well, I'm sure if we stuck at it and only bought a 6 pack, would of took only a few hours. I'll get around to taking a pic shortly

B00mrang (author)  Supermurray3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback ! I'd like to see your build so be sure to post it here. I am really curious about the pegboard as this is definitively something I wanted to add to my workshop but could not really figure out so far.

how much do the materials cost more or less
B00mrang (author)  Captaingalaxy1 year ago
I would say that for 100-150 $ you should be able to complete this project from scratch ( assuming you have all the required tools). 2x4 are fairly cheap but the 3/4" plywood sheet can be quite expensive sometime.
how much do the materials cost more or less
B00mrang (author) 1 year ago
For the worktable, I did not see any flexing for the plywood top at the length of 60". For the workbench, when I first tried a folding design, I could not place any mid-support beam as it was getting in the way of the folding legs. The current support seems like they are sufficient for now but I would agree that adding one more support would increase the stability. Good idea !
ZaneEricB1 year ago
What about any midsupport beams?
ZaneEricB1 year ago
very nice, simple, straightforward design.
pfred21 year ago
Your benches look really great! You should get plenty of service out of them.
Nice job, simple to construct but good & solid.
I like the fact that its a design that could easily be adapted to suit available materials, it would lend itself well to salvaged timber such as wooden bed frames or pallets.