Workbench toolbox drawer with a storage shelf at the bottom

Picture of Workbench toolbox drawer with a storage shelf at the bottom
If you have a workbench but no place for your toolboxes and/or hardware, you can make one of my shelves with as much drawers as you need. In addition, you will always have a storage shelf at the bottom.

The idea behind this shelf is that you have fast access to your tools and/or hardware. If you have hardware assortments which come in metal boxes, you will find this type of drawers quite useful. And cheap!

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Step 1: What you need and what you get

Picture of What you need and what you get
For this one-drawer version, you will need:

- One pair of drawer guide rails in the length you want/need your drawer
- Five rectangular wooden boards cut to size (Jigsaw, Table saw, whatever suits you) plus the drawer board
- A power drill with the required bit(s), sanding paper
- Short screws (for the drawers and guide rails, not longer than the thickness of the wood)
- Long screws (for the drawer box assembly and mounting)

Total cost of the materials: 25 Euro for the wood, two Euro for the screws, eight Euro for the drawer guide rails.

Things you have to consider before you lay out the dimensions of the boards:

- How much space do you need?
- How many drawers? How big?
- How much clearance between them?
Dampfnudel2 years ago
very nicely done. i got some inspiration here
Kernel770 (author)  Dampfnudel2 years ago
hi, thank you! nice nickname by the way, i like it! Are you from a german-speaking nation?