Picture of Workbench with Storage

This instructable will show you how to build my workbench or one similar to it. I built this desk as a workbench for my college apartment so I can make while I learn. I spent $14 on it as I found all the wood to build it, however, you might spend more if you have to buy all the supplies. Good luck and I'd love to see what you all do with my project!

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Step 1: Supplies/Tools or BOM!

Picture of Supplies/Tools or BOM!

The following are what I used to create this project.


(1) pallet

(1) 2x4 of about 32" long

(1) 25" by 53.25" and (1) 15" by 25" of plywood ~OR~ (2) 19" by 25" and (2) 15" by 25" of plywood

(34) 1" wood screws

(16) 3" wood screws

(2) light duty hinges and screws

(4) Ikea ADILS legs

(20) #8 x 1/2" wood screws






Chop or Miter Saw

Jig Saw

Wood Filler



Step 2: The Frame

Picture of The Frame

My Frame is 53.25" by 25" but make what fits your space.

I took the pallet center pieces, made one the front and one the back. The third one I cut in half to make the sides.

Unfortunately, the board for one side was broken so it was replaced with a 2x4 the same size.

Step 3: The Top

Picture of The Top

Take the plywood and cut (2) 25" by 19" pieces, to be affixed on the far left and right sides of the table. Leaving the middle uncovered as seen in the 1st picture.

Cut the last piece of plywood to (1) 15" by 25" piece and place in the middle to check spacing, as in the 2nd picture.

Clamp the plywood on to the frame and screw ONLY the left and right most pieces into the frame using the 1" wood screws. Do NOT screw the middle piece onto the frame.

I used (3) screws along the front and back, with (4) screws on the side.

impalajoel11 months ago
I like this storage space alot but would have a couple of changes but all in all it is pretty good
bcb10 (author)  impalajoel11 months ago

Thanks! If you build anything similar, I'd love to see your changes!

seamster11 months ago

This is great!

bcb10 (author)  seamster11 months ago
Thanks! I appreciate it!
kbc211 months ago
nice idea! but ya didn't keep the wood grain in the same direction?!?!? JUST KIDDING! looks good.
bcb10 (author)  kbc211 months ago

I know, It bothers me too but thats what I get for using scrap wood! Haha

Thanks for checking it out!