Step 4: The Table Top

Picture of The Table Top
my workbench.JPG
Secure the table top to the leg assemblies with deck screws. The table top is aligned so that there are 3 inches overhang on all four sides.

To attach, I put 3 screws through the plywood tabletop into each leg brace. 9 screws total.

Next, I glued the particle board tabletop to the plywood tabletop with wood glue. I made sure there was enough glue near the edges. I clamped the two pieces together and used some weights on top to dry.

Finally, I put two more screws through the entire tabletop into each leg brace. 6 screws total.

Then I put a "Done" stamp on it.
Such a sturdy table, but a relatively flimsy top... Anyone building this bench might consider springing for a layer of 2x4s underneath that plywood. At these dimensions it'd only cost another $20 or so.