We made a working DSLR for a halloween costume.  Here is how we did it. Check out the video too!

Materials list:
  Cardboard Box for main body
  Cardboard for pop up flash
  2 gallon bucket for lens
  Plexiglass for flash cover
  Construction paper
  Duck tape
  Pictures of camera parts (mode dial, lcd screen, etc)

Working parts
  DSLR Camera - Ours is a Canon 20D
  External Flash - Ours is a Canon 580 EX or YN560
  Eye-Fi card
  Remote shutter release - Ours is made by phottix
  Remote flash trigger - Ours is made by apature

Step 1: Building the Camera

Get your box and cut a hole in the top, bottom and sides.  I placed duck tape around the whole for smooth edges.  

Tip: this black duck tape started to peel up after a few days.  I would recommend going with the strong gray one and just paint over it.
Awesome costume. From a photography point of view, lining the inside of the "flash" with reflective material like tin foil and turning the flash around might spread the light around the the flash modifier (which is what you made) and make for really nice, soft flash. I love the idea. So fun and functional.
Great job.
Thanks bob3030. My son figured out if he takes pictures of people giving candy he gets more. We have soooooo many pictures and so much candy. :)
Wow what a fun costume!
Thanks Roller. My son is soooooo happy when he is in this costume. All the kids gather around. He takes all their pictures and they see them immediately. Fun is an understatement.....
This is awesome!
Thanks blossom9283. The best part of the whole thing is that my son and I did it together.
Very very cool. Had no idea the eye if could do that!
Thanks. Although we had a blast making it, the coolest part of the costume is the Eye-Fi card. Here are instructions on how to configure in direct mode. <br> <br>http://support.eye.fi/features/direct/ios-eye-fi-app/ <br> <br>Thanks <br>Ray

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