Working K'nex Clock

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Introduction: Working K'nex Clock

This design keeps accurate time using a geared-down K'nex electric motor. Numerous closely-meshed gears provide smooth movement for the hands of the clock.

Blue Rod 232
White Rod 132
Purple Connector 128
Green Rod 120
Dark Blue Connector 98
Dark Grey Connector 80
Brown Connector 64
White Connector 57
Washer 44
Yellow Rod 35
Orange Connector 20
Yellow Connector 12
Green Connector 10
Black Rod 5
Blue Gear 4
Large Yellow Gear 3
Red Rod 3
Red Connector 2
Grey Rod 2
Red Gear 1
Electric Motor with gear 1

Total 1053

Scott is the original designer of this clock

Step 1: Motor House Part 1

Follow the pictures, pretty easy really.

Step 2: Motor House Part 2

Follow steps

Step 3: Front of the Clock

Starting the base for the front portion of the clock.

Step 4: Fitting Together

Don't relax yet, the hard bit is still to come!

Step 5: The Fiddly Stuff

THIS is the hard bit. These are all the axles used.

Step 6: Support Structures

Not essential, but I advise you to add them as they make the clock more sturdy and make it look nicer.
Also remember to give credit to Scott!

Step 7: Coming Soon...

-The Big One (Sniper Rifle)
-D.I.Y audio amplifier (Damn, wont be ready for the art of sound contest!)
-D.I.Y light sensitive alarm
-N.A.S.A rocket model + MRL flagship + N.A.S.A space shuttle



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    wow, this is truly amazing!!!!!

    nice clock but if you don't have that motor can you use a different one or no?????

    I'm sitting here watching time fly by on this clock... Awesome build..

    So awesome! How did you manage to get it so accurate?

    should it be reallly wobily at this point?

    Well it's not the sturdiest thing in the world at this point; it should be wobbly but not to the point where if you let go it would collapse.

    huuuhhhhhhhh what knex piece do u not have

    I have been waiting for the day, someone made a K'nex clock this is JUST AMAZING!

    Thanks, I'm not the original creator of this, I simply brought it to instructables to give it the views it deserves :)
    Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you check out my latest forum topic :D