Introduction: Working K'nex Clock

Picture of Working K'nex Clock

This design keeps accurate time using a geared-down K'nex electric motor. Numerous closely-meshed gears provide smooth movement for the hands of the clock.

Blue Rod 232
White Rod 132
Purple Connector 128
Green Rod 120
Dark Blue Connector 98
Dark Grey Connector 80
Brown Connector 64
White Connector 57
Washer 44
Yellow Rod 35
Orange Connector 20
Yellow Connector 12
Green Connector 10
Black Rod 5
Blue Gear 4
Large Yellow Gear 3
Red Rod 3
Red Connector 2
Grey Rod 2
Red Gear 1
Electric Motor with gear 1

Total 1053

Scott is the original designer of this clock

Step 1: Motor House Part 1

Picture of Motor House Part 1

Follow the pictures, pretty easy really.

Step 2: Motor House Part 2

Picture of Motor House Part 2

Follow steps

Step 3: Front of the Clock

Picture of Front of the Clock

Starting the base for the front portion of the clock.

Step 4: Fitting Together

Picture of Fitting Together

Don't relax yet, the hard bit is still to come!

Step 5: The Fiddly Stuff

Picture of The Fiddly Stuff

THIS is the hard bit. These are all the axles used.

Step 6: Support Structures

Picture of Support Structures

Not essential, but I advise you to add them as they make the clock more sturdy and make it look nicer.
Also remember to give credit to Scott!

Step 7: Coming Soon...

Picture of Coming Soon...

-The Big One (Sniper Rifle)
-D.I.Y audio amplifier (Damn, wont be ready for the art of sound contest!)
-D.I.Y light sensitive alarm
-N.A.S.A rocket model + MRL flagship + N.A.S.A space shuttle


Ryan444 (author)2017-03-20

wow, this is truly amazing!!!!!

Laurence2 (author)2016-03-31

nice clock but if you don't have that motor can you use a different one or no?????

MisterBukweet (author)2013-11-29

I'm sitting here watching time fly by on this clock... Awesome build..

knexpert#10829476 (author)2013-01-07

So awesome! How did you manage to get it so accurate?

rlaxrlax (author)2011-12-28

should it be reallly wobily at this point?

Lowney (author)rlaxrlax2011-12-29

Well it's not the sturdiest thing in the world at this point; it should be wobbly but not to the point where if you let go it would collapse.

lemonpickle (author)2011-06-08

huuuhhhhhhhh what knex piece do u not have

jingo69 (author)2011-05-29

I have been waiting for the day, someone made a K'nex clock this is JUST AMAZING!

Lowney (author)jingo692011-05-29

Thanks, I'm not the original creator of this, I simply brought it to instructables to give it the views it deserves :)
Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you check out my latest forum topic :D

jingo69 (author)Lowney2011-05-30

I will =D

killersir751 (author)2011-03-05

You buzzkill.
I've wanted to make a k'nex clock for ages and now i finally find one, and it uses too many pieces and some pieces I've not even heard of.

Kruegem (author)2011-01-24

awsome once i get enough nex im building it

verypoopy (author)2010-07-25

does it acully work???

Lowney (author)verypoopy2010-07-27


H1T4TCH1 (author)2010-07-16

finally, A KNEX CLOCK!

CrazyCHRIS!! (author)2009-12-20

what is the website this was on, they have lots of other projects too

Lowney (author)CrazyCHRIS!!2009-12-20

Google "Scott's knex design Gallery"
It's one of the first ones

CrazyCHRIS!! (author)Lowney2009-12-20

thats it thanks

Knexwizard (author)2009-07-03

do you have to use that exact moter?

Apparently the motor used in this ible has an rpm of 30. A battery powered one (red battery pack, clear engine) has an rpm of 32 rpm, so there isn't too much in it.

so you can use the other moters?

Um not really no, as that one little difference will be enough to make this clock useless.

Schober (author)The One and Only2009-12-01

The motor used in this Instructable has both an high rpm but also a fairly high torque. When geared down from the worm gear the speed may decrease greatly but the torque goes through the roof and is quite difficult to exceed with K'nex. On the other hand the battery powered motors have both a low rpm and a low torque. When the resistance exceeds the torque of the motor the rod slips around in the drive holes clicking off of the locks. This renders the motor useless as The One and Only stated. I'm not sure but I would guess that the resistance in this project would be far greater than the torque of the battery powered motors.

Lowney (author)Knexwizard2009-07-03

It would be ideal yes, although you could alter the gears to accommodate a battery motor. Perhaps a gearbox could work:

Knexwizard (author)Lowney2009-07-04


necropolian (author)2009-06-29

well, this is cool. i should make it for my clock collection...

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-06-30

Did you know there is an official k'nex clock set? It features the ULTRA RARE green gear

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-06-30

no, I didn't. but now, I do. thank you. too bad i don't have those large gears...

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-06-30

You can buy the clock set if you're really interested. It is called simple machines deluxe (I think) and it has a ball machine and a clock.

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-01

no, i am not really interested. but it is cool. and, by the way, with "clock collection", i mean the four clocks at my bed who should wake me up on time...which they don't.

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-07-01

Same problem! What I do is get a classic alarm clock (two bells at the top with an analogue face) and put it by my door. This means that the only way to turn the alarm clock off is to get up and shut it up. Victory!

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-01

my clocks are set in different time zones. and i forget to set them on my timezone. but, i know the time in: London New york Brussel Japan ( i don't know why) and one of them is a radio too, so (if it works) it wakes me with NPR. but most times is stays still...

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-03

no, they're just normal digital clocks.

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-07-03

No I was recommending them. Clocky will certainly wake you up!

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-04

i always wake up at around 6.30 in the morning. on my own. that's the best clock you can have. your brain. but then, it always scares me when my alarm clock goes off... imagine, i wake up, i stay in my bed to relax a bit, and suddenly, on a very high volume.... "next on 'all things considered', the death of micheal jackson"....aargh!

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-07-04

lol, try the sonic bomb clock! (113 decibels!)

necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-05

do you know there's a silent refrigerator, wich works with 190 (!) decibels. connect it's speaker ot your clock, and...boom! your hair's on fire!

their site:

Lowney (author)necropolian2009-07-05


necropolian (author)Lowney2009-07-06

it's the solution for the bad hairday...

Schober (author)necropolian2009-12-01

If this doesn't wake you up nothing can.

pk_excel (author)Lowney2009-07-06

Where can you buy simple machines deluxe? I'm australian so i'm not sure i'd be able to get it

Lowney (author)pk_excel2009-07-06

I'm not actually sure about australia. If you find a piece list you could buy all the necessary parts separately. The other model in the set is that big ball machine (not the big ball factory).

Seleziona (author)2009-11-02

 awwww, i don't have that motor.....

Lowney (author)Seleziona2009-11-02

Shame dat

Seleziona (author)Lowney2009-11-02

 yeah eh....

black_hawk-69 (author)2009-10-30

 can you use any moter or only that one?

Lowney (author)black_hawk-692009-10-31

Only this one I'm afraid. This has more torque (needed) and has different rpm than any other.

knexjay (author)2009-10-30

thank you Scott!

kurtcobain132 (author)2009-07-12

in my opinion this is by far the BEST knex Instructable on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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