Hello this is one of my mocs! Hope you enjoy this instructable
The pieces you will need:
10 1x2 bricks
11 2x2 bricks
3 1x4 bricks
1 1x2x5 brick
2 4x8 plates
2 1x3 bricks
2 4x4 plates
1 2x4 plate
3 grey technic pins
1 black technic pin
2 technic lift arms with 7 holes
4 1x14 with holes bricks
2 1x16 bricks with holes
1 1x4 brick with holes
2 missile launchers
And 2 bullets for launchers

Step 1: Barrel

The barrel is quite simple and so is the mechanism

Step 2: Handle

nice.. Why didn't you tell me you posted this.Lol

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