Introduction: Working Monitor Helmet

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Built this in two days. 

grounding cable


Step 1: Ground Yourself

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First step is to ground yourself. There are a few sensitive parts to both the laptop and the monitor. 

Step 2: Disassemble the Monitor

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Remove cathode tubes and attached components. 

WARNING: There is a strong vacuum behind the glass.
To avoid implosion, place upside-down and break the glass tip, You will hear it hiss gas in. watch the glass and be safe.


Step 3: Disassemble Your Laptop.

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keep the yourself grounded. don't tear any ribbon cables.

If anyone is curious, I managed to pick this one up on craigslist for $30. The previous owner didn't know what was wrong with it. I took it home and reflowed the GPU with a heat gun and some aluminum foil. 

Step 4: Put the Components Into the Case

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I used zip ties. A lot of zip ties.
Make sure the display cable will reach and that you can charge the laptop. 
Don't forget the battery. 
This will take tinkering.

Also, You will need to dremel out a hole for your head. that's important.

Step 5: Add Screen

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I had to dremel out more space but you might not need to. 
Add foam so it doesn't bounce.
I again used zip ties for this.

Don't ruin any cables or the inverter.

you will have to put the screen upside-down do the display cable can reach

Step 6: Enabling Vision

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This is how I decided to do it but you could get creative with it.

dismantle phone
dont rip ribbon cables.
put phone in front
tape screen as so.

Step 7: Add Stability/safety

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I made a head wrap that i then screwed the ends into the walls of the case.
add a weight to the back of the case(I used a busted power supply)

Step 8: Software!

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Install your flavor of OS.
Write some code!
Mine used the built in microphone to update the screen on my voice.

The apk for the phone is hosted  HERE


NostalgicNerd (author)2015-05-31

could you upload a video if possible you working on it or if it still currently works? both would be very much appreciated

pg1315 (author)2013-11-21

This is awesome!

Joe Dailey (author)pg13152013-11-22

Thanks mate!

Guitarjose (author)2013-10-28

You should upload a video.

Joe Dailey (author)Guitarjose2013-10-28

of making it or of it working?

masstraffic (author)2013-10-28

just wondering how did you pad the neck area

Joe Dailey (author)masstraffic2013-10-28

I had some foam, In the title picture you can see it. Because monitors and heads are different sizes, I'd like to leave that part to the builder.

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