video Working On A New Knex Gun
Some footage of me creating a new gun just to show how I work.

Don't expect me to post the gun though, because I might never actually finish it.
MrSillyGuns4 years ago
can i has ur facial hair? ;P
prodo1235 years ago
Hmm, very similar to my method. I just put and see if it fits...xD
Get a gun dictionary like me.  Gives a lot of inspiration and a ton of weird guns (Walther WA2000, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_WA_2000)
haha look up the pepperbox pistol those guns a foobarred
Seleziona5 years ago
Not at all how i build guns.....
I never build like this either, but it is interesting to see how other people build.

I always thought about doing a log of me building, with me narrating it.

We all build in totally different ways. Oblivitus has a small work table, and I just sit on the floor or on my bed and just build away. I have all of my pieces in two boxes, and I just spend most of my time searching for the right piece.

I'm thinking about making an entirely new type of gun, with a documentary on the buildling, like this.
i just sit infront of my computer-use my desk........ only problem is.........i sometimes dont have enough room...then i end up using my bed! hehe
same here!!
zyoxin5 years ago
i jus build. no method or thinking. i do all the thinking after i build the gun to perfect it.
definitly differnt from ho wI do it. My method involves doodles done at school, a good idea and alot of mess =)
 HaHa... Same here, I get really bored in study hall.
I build off the top of my head.  =D
Oblivitus (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
Isn't that uncomfortable? I'd be afraid of ripping my hair out. XD
Comon, Oblivitus!  Think!  You know what I am talking about!  lol
Oblivitus (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
Of course, I was just making fun. :)
Same here ;)
~KGB~5 years ago
I build guns from the mind and if there is something wrong then i will mod it 2 make it wright, this is wot did on my latest project.
barrax5 years ago
you work way too slowly...

doing a video log of a knex gun might be a cool idea, but if someone would, they'd have to talk about it, through it...
Oblivitus (author)  barrax5 years ago
Good idea, I might try that next, now that I know people are interested in this. Slow? New inventions take time. The connected pieces on the top left of the table are a repeating element to be placed at the front of the gun, it's a 4 barreled shotgun.
 Isn't that a desperado shotgun?
you should have an idea of what you are going to do before you start building...

and cool for the 4 barreled shotty
64runners5 years ago
Kinda slow. Well, It's better than me XD I haven't been on for a looooooong time.
what idea is this, and have you seen my sniper rifle yet?
TheChemiker5 years ago
Hi!  You just posted this!  Nice.
Oblivitus (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
Yeah. Did you find it interesting or helpful at all? Don't expect me to post the gun though, because I might never actually finish it.
Kind of slow paced, but interesting.  I have never stetched out my ideas, I just start building off the top of my head.  When I get my room cleaned up, I will start working on my sexbow/logic bow combo I have in my head.  It should be incredibly powerfull, if I can make it.
TheChemiker5 years ago
What were you working on?  Is it a new gun you are going to post?