Workmate (tm) Resurrection


Introduction: Workmate (tm) Resurrection

How to bring life again to a more than 20 years old Workmate



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    can you share the measurements for the pallets? i have one workmate without them

    I agree it would make a very good ible. Anyone who has seem my candle nook ible will know I have a workmate in a very sorry state I have been meaning to givfe a new lease of life, you have given some very good ideas.

    I'll go one-up on gmoon & GorllazMiko: Please make an instructable for this. Great ideas. I'd like to be able to download the PDF and work locally with it in my garage, i.e. no net connection. I'd need to load the PDF on the old computer in the garage via a Thumb Drive. Thanks!!

    Glad to see you resurrect this. New ones come with pressboard. I left mine out one night and it swelled just from the dew. Been thinking about replacing the top for a long time now. You should think about adding the ruler marks back on. Maybe using a burning tool. I really like your pegs too. Never thought of that. I like the fact you can stack two of the blocks to make it taller so as to stabilize items better.

    I picked up one of these off the curb yesterday. This is helpful, thanks a bunch!

    I have one of them that after years and years is perfect, the worst damage it has gotten is rounded corners from repeated forgetting about the table syndrome, the clamp mechanisms are amazing though, we have never done anything but use the workmate and it's fine, even after my art project that put almost double load limit on it.

    I agree with GorillazMiko--you have enough pics to make a proper instructable. (I'll plus you anyway....)

    I have two old workmates and use 'em all the time. The crimped-pipe clamp method is brilliant! Much better than the cheap plastic clamps that came with them.

    Nice. You could have posted this as an Instructable if you wanted, it looks good enough to be one.