How many times when we are in the workshop all of us need to write down a quick note, measurement or a list of things to buy and we have difficulty of finding a piece of paper or a pen/pencil to write with?
I know it happened to me quite a few times.
So when I saw this caddy in a magazine (I think it was in shopnotes) I knew that it was a must to do small project for me.

The Note Caddy is suitable for any size workshop, Garage or even for your house.

Step 1: Dimensions & Matterials

Its dimensions are depending on the paper roll size you are going to use. I had a few rolls from a cash machine but they where in different lengths. That’s why you will see two pieces of paper roll hold-on on each side to mach the length of the rolls I have.
Basically made out of scrap 9mm MDF, and a piece of a dull hacksaw blade for cutting the paper, it’s an easy project to do that will also prove to be a very useful one. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just handy!
French cleat hanging system (18mm MDF) at the back helps to keep it mobile if needed.

Dimensions: This one is about 5.5” X 5.2” X 3.4”

Oh and one more thing. You know of those free IKEA give away short pencils? They are perfect for this caddy!!! ;-)

I think the SketchUp photos are sufficient enough to help you built this kind of project to your own measurements and requirements.

Step 2: Latest Improvement

Latest Improvement (not in photo)

Many times we come into the shop and we can’t find where we last left our measuring tape, so I thought what a better place to make a tape holder than on my Note Caddy to store the measuring tape!

Two pieces of 10mm scrap wood and a 2mm metal plate fixed on the left side of the Caddy did the job for me and improved the Note Caddy design as well.

Stelios L.A. Stavrinides
<p>Love it, my dad had made one for our shop about 3 years ago exactly like this but with just the paper.</p>
Hello Steliart,<br><br>As always, great ideas and amazing sketchups.<br><br>I see you're into SCUBA diving. If you ever come by Malaysia, let me know, we could meet up for a drink in Kuala Lumpur...
Thank you :)
That's pretty cool. We even can use it for toilet paper....
Well... if you make it big enough lol
I remember seeing plans for a couple of these in how-to magazines from the 1950s and 1960s. You have made it more useful with your own additions. As a left-handed person, I would make some changes to the writing surface to fit my personal geometry more closely. <br><br>It is good to hear from you again.
Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments my dear friend. <br>I am sure you will make some very interesting changes as you always do Phil :) <br> <br>Stay always safe. <br>

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