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Introduction: Workshop Part 1

About: My name is Victor. My hobbies are blacksmith, making stuff, backyard science, and more.

This is a quick tour of my shop (one of them).

Step 1: Lighting

I use the same LEDs as ILTMS did when he made his electronics camera stand. These are my current main source of light because I have a light bar that still has to be hanged. Get creative with the remote because its easy to lose.

Step 2: Power Source

I use a very long power strip from the harbor freight that costs around $30. I used hot glue to hold it in place.

Step 3: Misc Items

I keep gloves, parts tray, and extensions cords in reach in case I need them.

Step 4: Tool Storage

Step 5: Parts Storage

Step 6: More Pictures

Step 7: Most Important Tool

I find I cannot do most of my projects without a good vice.



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    Looks like a great place to work! :)