World Smallest Secret Safe. Use Botton Cell Battery





Introduction: World Smallest Secret Safe. Use Botton Cell Battery

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What???? World smallest secret safe?.

Yes, this secret safe use a small BOTTON CELL BATTERY!!. Super small, and no anyone know it!!.

You can place it in your watch, pockets, hair, and anything. You can write anything you want to write. Use small paper to write something.

Now i will show you how to make it!

Step 1: Ok, You Need:

  • Cutter
  • Dead Botton cell battery
  • Lighter

Step 2: The Hardest STEP!!!

  • Open the battery with cutter and lighter.
  • If the battery is have a smoke, place it in the cool place. If the battery is cooldown, open again the battery.
  • If the battery is opened, its look like this (Image 2).


Step 3: Clean the Battery

Use Cutter to clean inside the battery. Slowly, Don't broke the battery

Step 4: Insert Something

  • If the battery is clean, cut a small paper
  • Write something
  • Insert the paper

Step 5: Close the Battery With the Battery Bottom

Close it and finish. It's Super micro!!, super tiny, and Thanks for look my works.

I hope you can make it better than me!!

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    14 Discussions

    Hi cool idea, I like it.
    But maybe tell us a little about the fire/explosion danger. Meny batteries are not the safest thing to open up. Is it safe to use all button cell batteries ?

    3 replies

    You might short circuit by mistake. Good idea. i'd have tried it but it seems a little dangerous... maybe you can do something similar in a safer way...

    this is safe. I recommend you to use dead battery and use gloves.

    thanks for look my works!


    2 years ago

    hello? tsa? xD

    It's button not botton! Just so you know :)

    This is not safe. Batteries contain all kinds of heavy metals that are bad to inhale in general, and especially when heated. Do not try this at home, a little surgical mask from the drug store will not protect you.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Even a dead battery contains heavy metals and mercury. Would not take any risk to inhale these fumes.

    1 reply

    use masker to keep you better and use gloves to make it safety. Thanks for look my works


    2 years ago

    Can you expand on the "open the battery with cutter and lighter" statement please?

    Where do you hold the lighter? Under it?

    1 reply

    yes under it. burn the battery to make the plastic inside the battery melt. And use cutter to open it. Thanks for look my works