Introduction: World War 2 Straw Toy Plane

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Learn to make a world war 2 toy plane from a straw and 2 plastic knives.

Step 1: Material

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To make this world war 2 styled plane from a plastic straw and plastic knives you will need.

1 disposable plastic straw.
2 disposable plastic knives.
1 tube crazy glue
1 roll clear tape
1 used eclipse gum capsules.
a snack wrapper.
1 used credit card or a plastic strip from anything with a thin firm flat plastic surface.
1 pen tip cover

Step 2: Fuselage

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fold the straw in half.

Step 3: Wrap Fuselage

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1. Place straw in snack wrapper. 2. Apply glue to surfaces.
3. Roll tight until entire straw is covered.
4. Cut off extra wrapper material.
5. Refold newly wrapped straw.

Step 4: Wings

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1. Cut plastic knives in half.
2. Use the blades As wings.
3. Decide how much wing you want to expose and cut off any excess.
4. Use a plastic strip from any thin piece of flaw sturdy plastic. I used a cancelled credit card.
5. Fuse the wings together by gluing the plastic strip between them.
6. Place wing in between folded fuselage.

Step 5: Tail

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1. Cut 3 mini wings for the tail.
2. Cut a slit in the fold of the straw from back to front about 1 cm.
3. Apply glue to pieces and insert a Wing into the slit and two on either side of the fold in the straw.
4. Glue the wing in place.

Step 6: Cockpit

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1. Cut out a capsule from the Eclipse gum.
2. Cut off any excess to make it seat snug on the straw.
3. Glue edges onto the straw.

Step 7: Nose

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Glue the nose of a pen to the nose of the straw.



Kiteman (author)2013-04-22

Does it fly?

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