Just a little project I have been working on

Step 1: The Stone

First I spent about 3 hours looking for the right stone. Using a dremel and many grinding bits carved the emblem into the stone took about 5 hours or so then painted the blue and built up the shine with a few coats of nail basecoat.

Step 2: The Box

Very easy box to make.

The log was from the woodpile and just cut in half the bottom and top of the box were fitted into a vice and drilled out using a hole cutter the bottom was made to fit stone and the lid was just cut out so the box would open and close.

Then some varnish and fit a hinge or too

Step 3:

A few finishing touches a nice strap to keep it all together a cotton inlay and a bit of a polish

<p>Oh wow! That looks great! Quite a lot of manual labor you invested there :)</p>
<p>is &quot;nail basecoat&quot; for fingernails or is it some sort of hardware store product I don't know about?</p><p>Thank you for sharing this inspiring piece.</p>
<p>yup just cheap clear nail varnish from the pound shop</p>
Awesome!! I want to make this for a friend
<p>Beautiful first instructable! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! </p>

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