Picture of World-record breaking paper airplane
this is a simplified version of a ariplane that once held the world record.

Step 1: Fold in half

Picture of Fold in half
Fold your peice of paper in half.
then unfold.
woodpigeon6 years ago
Hi, your paper plane is AWESOME. Do you have any others? (P.S. please make the instructions easier)
of course it was the best one ever!
E-R-IC (author)  woodpigeon6 years ago
yea, try this:http://www.instructables.com/id/very_slow_one_minute_paper_airplane/
on a windy day (5-10kmph) elevators 20 degrees up...
Jodaddy6 years ago
lol next month sound cold and yet fun....
good instructable but... you should have flat tips at the end of the plane like paper-pro's instructable. you have the fake design. one that has been confused with the real one. plus this one barely flies. one again nice instructable easy to follow too.
aljh5 years ago
well i like the design but it does not fly very well, as soon as i let go it go's straight for while while then turns and nose dives. try adding stabilizers, which are slits at the back of the paper airplane. they help striaghten the flight path! cool though
throw it straight up as hard as you can :P
this is ken blackburns plane, look it up:)

mikeasaurus6 years ago
video of flight?
E-R-IC (author)  mikeasaurus6 years ago
Sorry, here in calgary, itès still -5 and snowing. check in within the next month
E-R-IC (author)  E-R-IC6 years ago
its still snowing!!!!!
Chikara E-R-IC6 years ago
Sounds like Colorado. It was snowing in July! Didn't last long though.
funfight226 years ago
my friend used to make a paper airplane that would fly through wind and not even stray from its course.it looked like a stunt plane but it wasnt.does any one know how to make it?