Introduction: Worlds Best All-In-One Breakfast

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After careful consideration I decided to put the BEST EVER all-in-one breakfast on instructables! And after much experimenting with cooking (I can only cook eggs!) I decided that I found the best recipe for an all-in-one breakfast!

Step 1: Cook the Hash Browns

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We are going to start with hash browns! this is because these take the longest to cook and we can prep everything else while this cooks. I took about 2 handfuls of hash and started to cook them in a pan, string every once and a while.

Step 2: Sausage, Bacon and Hash

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Now it is time to cut up your sausage or bacon!! Pre-cooked or raw, it does not matter, I used sausage because its my favorite!! When the hash is done cooking add your meat into the pan.

Step 3: Egg Prep!

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This is where all of the magic happens!! As my style of cooking is based off of, a tad of this, a pinch of that and a scoop of those, trial and error is key!

Step 4: Crack the Eggs and Lets Start Spicing!

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Crack some eggs into a bowl, I used 2 as this is a solo meal. add some salt and pepper, than add some seasonal! after that add a small dose of Creole! haha!!

Step 5: Some Sweet Stuff

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Now it is time to transform your eggs! Add a small pile of sugar into your eggs and less than a tiny pinch of cinnamon into your egg mixture. These ingredients really bring out the taste in the eggs!!

Step 6: More Base-type Ingerdients

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Don't forget to add some milk to make the eggs nice and fluffy!! than add a handful cheese and some onion. Now its time to MIX MIX MIX!!!! Do some siring, and some siring, Now STOP!! don't over-mix!! OK I'm just kidding, you can mix to your hearts content!

Step 7: The Final Mix

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Now add your egg mixture to the steamy, delicious, craving pile of hash and sausage. I scrambled my eggs to perfection! When you are done its time to eat! fill up a glass of orange juice and grab some buttered toast!! Enjoy!!


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