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Finally, take the second cup and place it over the top of the first as shown, to make a little capsule that stops the jelly from getting all over anything that it touches.
<p>I am going camping so I will try it out, thanks!</p>
Is there a substitute to petrolium jelly? Please help me!
Mineral oil works just as well.
I don't believe that anything else would burn as long or as well, but I do know that you can try using rubbing alcohol or, if you have it, the citronella tiki fuel. It burns a lot faster, and not nearly as well, but it's better than nothing.
Okay. Thanks!
Where can I get some petrolium jelly? What is it used for?(besides this)
You can normally find it at any drug store, dollar store, or supermarket, it's a very common item that is normally located around the makeup department. It's usually used as a moisturizer, but I use it for this and on my lips when they start to get dry =P. It's basically the same thing as Vaseline, only Vaseline is the brand name, so everywhere usually sells it as petroleum jelly, but it has a ton of uses, from makeup to mechanics.<br/>
So it's another name for vasoline? Thanks for the help by the way! Isn't it cheaper just to use matches or a lighter since you need a match or lighter to light this?
No problem, and the lighter doesn't last as long as this does, it burns around 20 minutes if you do it right.
Cool. I'll try to make a few.<br/><br/>5* for ible and service!<br/>
Thank you!
will the jelly light with a spark thing from a lighter?
If you mean just the spark from a normal lighter that is out of gas, I'm not sure just because the sparks from it are very small. If you use one of the flint strips, I am 99.9% sure it will light, the best I can say is give it a shot! =)<br/>
yes its the little wheel with the flint underneath it from a diposable lighter but what is a flint strip?
If you go to most outdoors-like stores (Dicks, EMS, etc.) they sell either what looks like a key that is made out of flint with a steel striker (first image) or a flit and magnesium strip (second image).
I've never used the right-hand one but the left type is superb! Some have poor strikers so use a piece of hacksaw blade! Just one strike will set a piece of tissue paper alight! I've had many bonfires on the beach with this!
&nbsp;Thanks! It works a charm. I came up with my variation: use empty loo-roll instead of paper cups, use a sheet of kitchen towel instead of cotton balls. Space saving option: Prepare strips of kitchen-towel in advance and press the loo rolls flat. small and handy! I even cut the loo rolls in half because I decided I needed only five minutes of solid flame (I only use it for burning weeds on my allotment). Thanks again, it was fun and fast to make it!<br /> (btw in Europe petroleum jelly is called &quot;vaseline&quot;)
No problem, and that sounds interesting, I'll have to give it a go!<br />
&nbsp;Nice idea. I find that another good fire starter is to wrap string around crayons and place them into a tin. Light the string and it will make a great fire starter(It's reusable). The wax melts and makes the string burn VERY slowly(It still produces a large flame, though.) I might make an instructable on it.<br />
Sounds interesting, let me know when you post it! <br />
&nbsp;<br /> okay. It's just crayons with strings wrapped around them in a can(I used an old tuna can). It's really easy to make, so I don't know if it needs a whole instructable. Maybe I can put it in with something else...
If you could include some shots of it burning that would be cool =)<br />
I was thinking that the petroleum jelly question was silly until I got to the cotton rounds ingredient. I guess it depends on your experiences and what you've seen on TV. Are those "cotton rounds" something found near the cotton balls in a store? It looks like those acne pads they used to advertise.
Yah, basically they are cotton balls, which you could use as well, only they are (I believe) turned into a cotton string and woven into squares or circles (circles best fitting the round cup). Either way they have basically the same application and should be found together.
Good Instructable. You beat me to posting the idea. By like 7 days! LOL. I've been using a method quite similar for years. Nothing in the world burns quite like PetJelly. Except Thermite, but that's a whole other instructable... >:D
good ol' thermite, unfortunately I don't think ill be doing an instructable on that...
now that i've properly mixed my thermite,( which i really did ) i can get to my real question. isn't this properly named, the world's best pocket sized tinder?
Basically yes, but for normal camp and bond fires, I doubt it would work on thermite, but for that I do recommend using a sparkler to light.
DEF trying this.. We're going to have a bonfire... is it safe to have one in a random field as long as there are no trees above/around and lots of snow underneath??? have any other suggestions??
I guess... but i strongly recommend having fire extinguisher handy, a few rocks to place around the fire, and make sure to check the local fire regulations, just in case ; )
Very nice Instructable! Easy and cheap, plus made with stuff you already have around the house. I almost forgot practical! Can't wait to start a fire ;)
I try, I try.

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