World's Best Shoe Knot





Introduction: World's Best Shoe Knot

If you could find the perfect shoe knot what would it be?

1. It has to be easy to tie.
2. It has to stay tied - always.
3. It needs to be as easy to untie as pulling on a string.

Well, here it is. The perfect shoe knot.

Knots are hard to demonstrate in words and pictures. May I suggest that you watch this video for a short demonstration of the technique.

Step 1: Tie an Over-Hand Knot

Start as you would with most ordinary shoe knots by tieing an over-hand knot.

this demonstrational video is is probably easier to understand than the verbal description.

Step 2: Make a Loop

We are still following the normal shoe tying method.

make a loop with one hand.

Step 3: Wrap the Loop

Wrap the other string around the loop.

Step 4: Wrap the Loop a Second Time

This step is where we diverge from the standard shoe tie method. This is also the step that turns a standard knot into the perfect shoe knot that will never come untied.

Essentially you will be repeating step three by wrapping the string around the loop a second time.

Check theDemonstrational Videoif this doesn't make sense.

Step 5: Push the String Through the Wrap

Push the string through he double wrap just as you would with the standard shoe knot

Step 6: Crank It Down Tight

Pull tight on both loops to tighten the knot.

Step 7: Finished - Untying

That's it. I have never had my shoes come untied with this knot. Even laces that tend to slip a lot - like leather laces - stay tied.

To untie, just pull on one of the ends of the laces. It will take a little more force than you would need to untie the standard knot, but it is still just as simple.

Here's the demonstrational video again in case you still have questions.



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    I am looking forward to trying this I have had trouble with my shoes coming untied for years and I double knot but it may be I'm tying one of those granny knots. Congratulations for making a clear, concise instructible

    i wear vans slip-ons, i dare you to tie those!!! haha

    That is a terrible sense of humor

    my humor is quite twisted

    just do a double knot and stop wasting time

    LOL That's called a highwayman's hitch. A highwayman (or stickup guy) would hitch his horse near to the crime scene. The horse couldn't get loose, but when the highwayman jumped on, a quick tug on the other end and he was in the wind.

    There is really only 1 thing that anyone needs to be aware of when using the "typical" knot that everyone uses to tie their shoes. The knot most people learn is a square knot, or reef knot that is slipped twice, sometimes called a double-slipped reef knot. It's a symmetrical knot that is very secure, yet easy to spill, or untie. It is used to reef, or secure, a sail to a boom on a sailboat. The danger is in tying a "granny" knot instead of a reef knot. Ian Fieggen warns about it on his site, and it's something I have shown people for years.

    Some may have heard the mnemonic, "left over right, right over left" to learn a reef knot. A granny knot ends up being, "left over right, left over right" and results in a knot that is not secure and easily comes untied on its own. The "standard knot" shown here is a perfectly described double slipped reef knot. When properly tied, it's all one needs to keep their laces secure. I think all these other variations might be overkill, but if you like them, then by all means use them.

    I have found that about half of the folks I have observed tie a reef knot, and the other half tie a granny knot. Those who tie a reef knot never worry about their shoes coming untied, while those who tie a granny always have their shoes come undone. Just reverse one of the over-under pairs, and a granny becomes a reef knot.

    The reef knot leaves the loops laying to the sides of the shoes, while the granny leaves the loops in an up-and-down orientation. It's easy to spot because it really doesn't look like it would hold, and with a little time it almost always loosens up.

    However you manage to keep your shoes tied, stick with it. But I say that simpler is better. Learn the double-slipped reef knot and you should never have to worry about all those other variations. I've found that, with knots, learn the right one for the job and stick with it. All those variations only make sense (in my humble opinion) if there is a significant reason for the variation. Otherwise it's just more things to have to remember. I like Ian's page in principle because I like knots. Everyone should know 4 or 5 good basic knots. But all those variations seem like an awful lot to have to remember. Learn one way to do it, learn it well, and stick with it. Practice it over & over until it's just muscle memory, no thinking. There's too much in this world to have to remember to try to keep 17 different shoelace knot variations in your head...

    DUDE. That isn't a comment. That is a wikipedia article for goodness sakes. Keep it terse, dude.

    So? Why should they be terse? more (relevant) information = more good.