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Introduction: Easy Chili - the World's Easiest

With only four ingredients and about 30 minutes total cooking time, this is the easiest easy chili recipe I have come across. It takes advantage of a pre-mixed chili seasoning called Caboom! While this Instructable represents the basic recipe on the container, it also contains some useful tips to make the process of preparing it as simple as possible.


• 3 Tbsp Caboom Chili Fixins
• 1-2 lbs lean ground beef
• 1 cup water
• 2 jars of salsa

Step 1: Brown Beef

Heat a stockpot or dutch oven on medium/medium low heat. Add ground beef and brown, stirring occasionally. The recipe calls for one pound. I typically use two pounds in order to get a meatier chili so the leftovers can double as a hot dog topping or sit on top of a pile of spaghetti.

Step 2: Drain Beef - the Easy Way

The simplest way to drain ground beef quickly and thoroughly, without taking the meat out of the pot or tipping it over a strainer is to push the meat to one side, dab the grease with a few folded paper towels, then move the beef to the opposite side and repeat if necessary.

TIP: When chili recipes call for the ground beef to be drained, there is a level in mind. When the chili is finished, there should be no visible oil "pools" or "slicks" in the sauce. If there is, then the amount of fat left in the pot is a too much and will affect the flavor. The ideal flavor-carrying fat level is "slick-free."

Step 3: Season and Thicken

Add 3 Tablespoons of Caboom! and a cup of water and stir. Simmer over medium/medium low heat until the liquid starts to thicken, about 5-7 minutes.

Step 4: Salsa-fy and Simmer

Add the two jars of salsa and simmer uncovered under medium/medium low heat for 10 minutes. Depending on how thick your salsa is, you might need to add an extra half cup of water at this point. After the chili has simmered, it is ready to serve!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Easy Chili

I like to serve mine with a little cheese and a couple of my favorite hot sauces.



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What can I use if I can't find the caboom chili fixin?

I haven't tried creating a substitute yet.

Where can I find the caboom chili fixin?

In the ingredients list, Caboom links to the item in the Cajohns online store.

Salsa is Okay as a "Secret Ingredient" for Chili, But not as a Main Ingredient

Trust me, as a member of the International Chili Society, I was skeptical. I found it surprisingly good. It is just something that has to be tried.