World's Greatest Card Swindle - Use It to Win Bets!


Introduction: World's Greatest Card Swindle - Use It to Win Bets!

Anyone can do this amazing trick. And if you play your cards right (lol) you can win bets from all your friends who will be sure that they are right and you are wrong.

If any part of the video is not clear, please ask!

Sound is required, as the subtitles are minimal.



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    100 DOLLARS from my mom!!! haha she says "we will talk to dad about that"

    1 reply

    I just won $11 from my mom with this thank you so so so so so so so much!

    I won $200 with this!
    I'm getting a new xbox with it!
    Thanks so much!!!!!!

    1 reply

    Nicely done and easy to follow. Just need to find a deck of cards now, lol.

    I just picked up my deck and the had the same two at the bottom lol

    1 reply

    It's all part of the magic! :)

    I just won the entire contents of my sister's room (although my mom won't let it be official, despite the fact that we shook on it).

    2 replies

    My mom always maes promises like that and then breaks them it sucks.

    Awesome! That's what I'm talking about! :)

    Haha, my math teacher showed us this trick once.

    i dont get it, like they choose a card and then they saw you look at it so they would be like wtf

    1 reply it don't look at it at all after they pick it. You take a quick glance at the bottom card in the very beginning as they hand you the shuffled deck. Nobody will suspect anything because you have to look at the deck to take it from them. Once you see the bottom card, you can do the card selection process blindfolded.

    Depends on how good they think they are. lol Or how drunk they were the first time.

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I hope the trick serves you well ;)