Here's a timelapse of Chris Boden and a handful of other Geek Group members assembling the worlds largest Newton's Cradle.

You can also watch the full version showing how they made the whole cradle, including how they got the balls ready. Here (41 minutes long)

Check out other Geek Group videos at their Youtube Channel or visit their website at TheGeekGroup.org

why not for younger people
I don't believe I mentioned it only being there for older people?
Warning, this may not be suited for younger members, Duck does get a bit bored when putting eye screws into bowling balls
I have no clue why I put that there.
WHERE'S THE VIDEO OF IT WORKING????????????<br /> <br /> Put a link in please...<br />
They haven't got a video of it working up yet, but once they do, I will have it re-posted here ASAP.<br /> <br /> Thermoelectric<br />
50 seconds into the video, and I can see this is gonna be epic!<br />

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