This is how I built my single-action barrel sealing piston valve air gun. This gun shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger and really exceeds the power and velocity that one would reasonably want to shoot marshmallows at. Please don't build one with the idea of using it for marshmallow war games. I know from personal experience that, getting shot with a nice, fluffy marshmallow out of this gun will raise a serious welt, even through denim. Who knew that something so soft and fluffy could hurt so bad?

I believe the design is unique and achieves a faster rapid-fire rate than any other piston valve gun design, because it eliminates the valve that other designs require to isolate the air compressor before firing. This gun is pressurized through the pressure chamber, not from behind the piston.

This instructable is extreme, because it is the world's most powerful marshmallow gun - blowing away any other marshmallow gun to an extreme.
<p>Please Sell Me One?</p>
<p>What is the complete list of the materials needed for this gun?</p>
can you make it fire bbs
I can not seem to get the piston to operate correctly. Could you post some more instructions on the piston setup, or could I just buy one from you.
Mr. Shoe maker if you would please give me some more information of your pump action design on this instructable thank you for your time. This is an amazing weapon
Have you thought about shooting paintballs?
could this feasibly be built using a bike pump instead of an air compressor? i know you wouldn't get the quick-firing because of the lack of continuous pressure.
If you want to use a bike pump it would be easier to make the pneumatic potato cannon from my other instructible. That one uses a sprinkler valve. It will save you time in building and will likely work better with non-constant pressure.
this is amazing. this so on the next &quot;things to build&quot; list

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