World's Most Pretentious Midnight Snack





Introduction: World's Most Pretentious Midnight Snack

Home from a bar, a mite peckish from dancing, I look in the fridge. What to make? Oh, I know! I'll just whip up a quick snack. Nothing too fancy.

-Raisin-rosemary crisps (Trader Joe's)
-Goat cheese with honey (chevre with honey from Trader Joe's)
-Smoked salmon (wild Alaskan, smoked at home, but I hear you can buy it too)
-Sprig of fresh parsley

Surprisingly sweet, but just what I wanted.



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Those chips from trader hoes is the best thing in the world! My sister is a lox fanatic so when she gets back from camp this weekend I am going to make these for her.

I should feel so smug eating this. "Spot of tea with your rosemary, guv'nor?" "Indubitably" :)


That's a fancy snack, it's making me hungry. I haven't had anything from under the water in a long time, need me some fishies.

Cleopatra (legend has it) once crushed a very large pearl into vinegar and then drank it, thereby imbibing the most valuable meal ever, perhaps.(The pearl was rumored to be LARGE). Yours comes close, and for a snack rather than a meal...well now.

It's only pretentious if there is Iranian caviar and creme fraiche sprinkled with gold flakes and you say it was served by the butler.