Hi, friends. I know how difficult it is to make electronic devices without soldering iron. But no matter.

Today I;m going to show you how to make world's simplest soldering iron. It's easy to make and great for backup tool works and in emergency.

For this we will need:

1. A lighter

2. A copper or steel wire

P.S: You can use any kind of wire which can absorb heat quickly.

3. Tape

Step 1:

Just watch the video....

Step 2: Tips

* Use wires made of steel instead of copper. It absorbs more heat.

Note: Use the following instructable only when it is emergency. It is not effective in small joints.

<p>World's most inefficient design </p>
<p>Hey, Mr. Crazy person. What's the reason behind it's inefficiency? Please share it with me. I know you are more experienced with making instructables. And this is only my first one!</p>
bcz the heating is not uniform and it takes more time to solder than a soldering iron
<p>Thank you very much. But the instructable is only for emergency.</p>
<p>Who cares about efficiency here? The point is that it can be really useful in some situations where you're outside and don't have any tool with you.</p><p>I think it's brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing this great trick!</p>
I guess you are least knowledged about the bad joint this will produce, there is no creativity copying a useless stuff
<p>Well, it would have been useful to me a few months ago. My electric scooter stopped running in the middle of nowhere because of a wire harness issue, if I had known this technique at that time I wouldn't have had to push my machine 5 kilometers back to my garage. And this is just one example among dozens of others I had in my life.</p><p>Really don't understand what point you're trying to make here. But if you have a better way, feel free to share it.</p>
<p>Neat idea!</p>

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