World's Smallest Bubble Machine





Introduction: World's Smallest Bubble Machine

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Hi guys back with new project.After getting fascinated by party bubble machine i decided to build my own micro bubble machine using my own idea.Hope you like this easy instructable.

Step 1: Things Required

1)2 micro sized motor one with fan 2)Styrofoam sheet or plate 3)Epoxy 4)Battery 5)Self made bubble stick wheel as shown in the image 6)Empty pen refill.

Step 2: Step 1

1)cut out the styrofoam sheet or plate in the given above shape of box .My prefered size of box is 9cm*2.5cm*4.5cm. 2)Stick the cutout with epoxy and use drawing pins to hold it in place.3)After it gets dried attach this box into a styrofoam cup using epoxy as shown in the image .

Step 3: Last Step

1)Mount the micro sized motor in the middle of the box using epoxy and add the bubble wheel to the motor.2)Place the other motor at a distance of around 2 to 4cm away from the bubble wheel using empty pen refill. 3)If the bubbles burst take the fan away and if bubbles are not blowing place the fan closer to wheel.

Step 4: Final Step

Add bubble solution into the container ,Connect the battery and its ready for party time.Do watch the test video and do like subscribe share.Also checkout my other projects.



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    Your welcome..

    Your welcome..

    Your welcome..

    Cool! Great little project, thanks for sharing!