Welcome to my instructable!

Today I will be building the worlds smallest homemade quadcopter!

I was inspired to build a micro quadcopter after reading punkkills amazing instructable on a micro 105 fpv quadcopter. After reading the instructable and a couple weeks of research, I really wanted to build one! Flying around with a mini quad seemed like so much fun.

So I ordered all my parts and waited to build a micro 105 quadcopter!

... Unfortunately, as you may know, no project goes as planned. After the parts arrived I realized I had ordered the wrong motors...

Instead of buying the beefy 8.5mm motors like I had planned, I had ordered 6mm motors!

No worries I thought, lets build the worlds smallest quadcopter!

Step 1: Parts

Main Parts

1. Flight Controller: Micro Scisky


2. Motors: JJRC H8 Replacement 6mm Motors


3. Battery and Charger: I had originally bought a pack of 750 mah batteries that came with a charger, however it was too heavy for the quad to take off. On Ebay, I found a JJRC 150mah battery for about $10 and I use the charger from the old batteries

Link to ChargerLink to New BatteryHigh Quality Charger

4. Micro Props. I bought two packs, but it turned out to be WAY too much, I would just buy 1 if I were you.


5. JST Connector. Using a Male and Female connector to connect battery to charger and quadcopter


6. TX. Heres where it might get complicated. The Micro Scisky is a DSM2 RX. In order to communicate, I bought a whole new Mkron T TX and it was a nightmare to set up. If you already have a trusty TX I would by a OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 Module



3d Printer



3d Filament Link to my favorite filament

Hot Glue

Rubber Band

Soldering Iron/Solder

I don't want to seem rude, but in the video it doesn't fly very high-end is it capable of flying without aid from (sorry if this is the wrong terminology) the ground effect?
Sorry, autocorrect, I meant *it didn't fly very high- is it
I'm sorry! That was my number one problem I had with my video too. It flies like any other quad, it's just that my filming area was too small to show it.
Don't worry about it, I often have similar problems as I use a phone camera with no stand, and it can be very difficult to control a drone whilst filming
<p>In the link for the motors are 6mm H8 Mini motors? Maybe a mistake?</p>
<p>Don't think so since the ones used were 4mm and it was able to lift it. it's probably a compromise </p>
Awesome build! Do you have any footage of it in action?
<p>Yes, watch the video in step 1!</p>
<p>hello</p><p>there is a mistake in the link to the flight controler</p>
<p>Thats strange, it was working warlier! I will try to fix it thanks for letting me know</p>

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