Introduction: Worlds Smallest Pocket Sized Power Supply

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Presented Here is the smallest Power Supply. It is pocket sized and easy to use. It comes handy when you are going to use some special circuits in which you need 1.5v or 3v Supply.

This Power Supply can give you output of 1.5v, 3v, 4.5v and 5v.

This Project contains Various Resistors and 7805 Regulator IC. One can enjoy this if he has the knowledge of Basics Of Electronics.

It is easy to make and not complicated. This Can be your First Project!!


Step 1: Gather Materials

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1. 7805 Voltage Regulator IC

2. 330k ohm Resistors x 4

3. 220k Ohm Resistors x 2

4. 82k Ohm Resistors x 2

5. 9v Battery

6. Battery Snapper

7. 2 Pin Connector For Output

8. 4 Connected DIP Switches

Step 2: The Circuit

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Presented Here is the circuit diagram for the Power Supply Unit.

Assemble the components according to circuit Diagram.

This circuit is built around 7805 Voltage Regulator IC. This IC Converts first of all converts 9v to 5v DC.

This 5v Dc is again Converted to 1.5v, 3v, 4.5 by some Resistors.

The 4.5v from 5v is obtained by adding 82 k ohm.

The 3v from 5v is obtained by connecting two 330k Resistors in Series.

1.5 v is obtained by voltage dividing circuit. Where 660k(2 330k in Series) and 524k(2 220k and one 82k in Series) ohm are kept.

Step 3: Soldering

Picture of Soldering

Solder the resistors the way I have shown in the image. This takes less space.

Step 4: Ready to Power

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Now, this Power Supply Unit is Ready to Power your Circuits. Take a look at the images of about the output it provides..


I hope you like the Project!!!!!


rafununu (author)2017-05-12

This isn't a power supply not even a regulator as the output voltage depends on the load. So, the "world's smallest" is a bit exagerated ! If you need only 1mA your preciously calculated resistors values won't give what you expected.

tcheupluk (author)2017-05-11

une belle maitrise.

rafununu (author)tcheupluk2017-05-12

Pas du tout, avec la moindre charge la tension s'écroule.

ArifSae (author)2017-05-11


Patel Darshil (author)ArifSae2017-05-11


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