Worlds Smallest Survival Kit





Introduction: Worlds Smallest Survival Kit

Boy Scout motto: be prepared. Because you never know what will happen or what life will throw at you. Some of these You might need them as a backup survival kit but, most of these survival kits are pretty big. The small ones could be a survival kit/survival knives but not your main survival kit/survival knives at least they are better that nothing at all. Also, all credit goes to Daninja42.

Step 1: Collect Your Stuff

look closely at the photos.. I used, 1x tin foil, 2x matches, 1x fishing hook, fishing line (not sure how many feet), dental floss, 1x toothpick, 2x bandaids, 1x electrical tape, 1x matchbox striker, 1x compass, 1x capsule with chipped blade.

Step 2: Put Every Thing In

put everything in as compact as possible. don't worry if it pops open I have that happen soo many times.

Step 3: And Heres a Recap:

read title

and now your done!



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I Love it thanks for sharing