Previous Worlds Strongest Kne'x Crane, Lifts 13lbs!





Introduction: Previous Worlds Strongest Kne'x Crane, Lifts 13lbs!

About: I love to build with Knex and I especially love to make things that can be used to injure my brother.

This video shows my knex crane. The first half of the video is pictures of my design, then it has a 3 second clip from the botttom of the carriage, then it goes into the video of it actually lifting the 13 pounds.
If I get a lot of people asking for instructions, i will post some instructions.




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    I have dismanteled it along time ago, rebuilt it, and re-dismantelled it.
    The second time that i made it, I looked at about 5 pictures of it, and it actually turned out better.
    I think that you could make it just by watching the video.

    nice timing

    I had a challenge for another member that ended a day before you posted that comment.

    I was worked about them slipping so I doubled them back to back. I am workin on making it stronger and I have only one gear per mesh so I made a little harness device to keep the gears straight.

    I hanged how the weight is attached changed the gear ratio and gave it Mir supports and it lifted 16 but now I have no idea how to measure more because I have no more weights that will fit on it
    Good luck

    13 lbs isn't much for a k'nex crane, there are ways to make a motor more efficient when paired up with gears and stuff. The structure is lacking in places, it could use more North/South support etc. Otherwise, nice try.

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    It is very stable when it is alone and when it has a load on it. It is a lot of weight when you realize the it is lifting over 2 times its own weight. Let me se a crane that can lift more