Light bulb using 230V AC Mains, made using wire connector & no soldering ! (Instructions for 110VAC also hinted below.)

See this link for the earlier version and for step by step guide:

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Step 1: Components:

1) 6 or 9 leds - colour of your choice
2) 1k ohm, 1 watt resistor
3) capacitor - 0.22 uF, 400 volt for 230 V AC Mains or 0.47 uF, 250 volts for 110V AC Mains
4) Wire connector
5) Insulation Tape
6) Screw driver
7) 1N 4007 Diodes - four pieces to make a diode bridge

See the pic of the components.

Step 2: Assemble for the Final Results !!!

Picture of Assemble for the Final Results !!!
1. Connect 3 leds in series (plus of one to negative of the other led) so that you are left with one positive leg and one negative leg for this assembly.

2. make 3 such pairs, or two if you wish, so that you either have nine lights or six, as per the wish.

Note: It looks simple but ensure that there is no error in connecting.

3. Join the three sets of positive legs of these pairs to the wire connector. All 3 negatives go to the other side of the wire connector.

4. Now for the bottom portion of the wire connector:
- connect the diode bridge positive to the positive of the led & likewise for the negative.

Note: Be careful in properly assembling the diode bridge. (As per link provided in Components or Acknowledgments)

5. Connect the AC ends of the diode bridge to a resistor & capacitor. It doesnt matter, which side since it is AC part.

6. Connect the loose ends of the resistor & capacitor to the bulb base.

7. Done ! And all this WITHOUT SOLDERING ! ;-D

Step 3: Acknowledgments:

Acknowledgments to:




for their I'bles & ideas !

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jpuno1 month ago

can I use. 0.33uf 630v cap for 220v input?

malik88011 month ago

so nice ......................

Your work is quite good but u need to focus on covering and branding the finished product. I guess this is just a concept one? Right?
pandyaketan (author)  ronakasolanki1 year ago
Haha tx! I guess 'some' people can never improve their presentation skills!