Picture of World's best Paper Airplane - simple and sturdy
I love airplanes.  As you are reading this, you probably have at least a little interest in planes as well.  And as any kid will tell you, arguably the best kinds of airplanes are of the "paper" variety.  They are simple in construction, cheap in materials, and most importantly, a helluva lot of fun.  At least, all the ones I ever enjoyed making and flying as a kid were.  

Millions of paper airplane designs exist; every kid seems to know a different one.  But by far the best paper airplane I have ever flown was taught to me by my dad, who learned it from his dad when he was a kid in the 60's.  In fact, my grandpa invented this design (he was a draftsman, an airplane mechanic in WWII and the Korean War, and holds several patents).  So I made this sound like my family's secret paper airplane legacy, but we've taught it to tons of people over the decades so it can hardly be called a secret.  Now I'm going to teach it to you.

One more thing:  This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 3 (http://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Airplane-Contest-3-Open/).           <--- check it out !
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Step 1: Materials needed....

Picture of Materials needed....
A. Single. Sheet. Of. Paper.  8.5' x 11'.

That's it.  This isn't one of those fancy cut-cut-tape-tape-fold-fold paper airplanes; this is pure old-fashioned paper folding. 

If you are fanatical about your creases, you could also use the edge of a ruler to run along them, but your fingers should do well enough for most people.

Step 2: Construction - Step 1

Picture of Construction - Step 1
Placing your paper vertically (portrait view), first fold your paper in half vertically.

Step 3: Construction - Step 2

Picture of Construction - Step 2
Unfold the paper.  This leaves a reference crease down the center, which I have marked in red.

Step 4: Construction - Step 3

Picture of Construction - Step 3
Fold the upper right corner down 45 degrees, until it exactly touches the reference crease.  [Pic. 1]

Repeat with the upper left corner.  [Pic. 2]

Everything should be lined up as close to perfectly as possible.  Exactness counts.

Step 5: Construction - Step 4

Picture of Construction - Step 4
Fold the point made by the last two folds straight down, forming a tight triangle.
JinaW4 months ago

Wow, sogood///

JinaW4 months ago

So good it flies well

BambooU6 months ago

Guys, this is an amazing article! Thanks a lot. I helped my kid to the paper airplane and now she is VERY HAPPY



CEO - BambooUSA

BatchDesigner6 months ago

Not the fastest one though, and most of the times if you throw it even a little too hard it goes off balance and either boomerangs back or starts going up and down (sharply) for no reason, like on those rollercoasters.

MaxP19 months ago

I made the airplane and it works really well. It was very easy to make, too. A great plane indeed!