My favorite Christmas story and cartoon was/is 'The Grinch who stole Christmas' Recently my wife found a flower shop that was making 'Grinch' trees that immediately put a smile on my face made out of cedar bows a few ornaments etc.. Loved it but the price was a bit much for me so I decided to make my own and to make it so that it will not die out on me. 


Step 1: What You Need

- 10" diameter circle piece of plywood 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick
- 8 wire coat hangers
- 1 mini led string of lights (50 in this string)
- Green Garland
- mini strand of Garland in a fancy color
- Ugly decorations with one big ball ornament
- Tie wraps or twist ties or duck tape

- Pliers 
- Side cutters
- Hot glue gun ( in my eyes a mini nightmare of a napalm dispenser, you will understand this statement when you get the first blob on your hand )
- Depending on the chunk of wood you have you may need a jig saw (you can buy 10" diameter disks at most hardware stores)
-Drill and 1/16 drill bit
<p>Very nice! You could substitute quick set epoxy for the glue gun. As long as you don't glue your fingers to the ply and/or wires.</p>
I do it !
Here's my Grinch tree at my desk at work. &nbsp;I made it a little bigger using a reel of 18 gauge steel wire, but 18 gauge isn't as thick as a coat-hanger wire. &nbsp;Not a great combo! &nbsp;I ended up adding in 8 extra vertical wires and horizontal rings of wire and tie-wrapping them all quite thoroughly, which made it much stiffer, but took a lot longer. &nbsp;If I make another, I'll come up with some coat hangers. &nbsp;Because I made it bigger, I had to use 2 nine-foot garlands, which fit my tree perfectly. &nbsp;I also made the base a foot across to accommodate the bigger scale. &nbsp;Overall it turned out great ,and I used a HUGE ornament to emphasize the bend.<br> <br> If you notice my lights behind the tree... my whole cube is lit up like that. &nbsp;:)
Love it!!!! Now I have to go and get some rebar and make a 30' version so no one can out do me like you :) Wonder if the neighbors will mind a tree like that blocking their view????<br><br>Great work!
Thanks - don't tempt me to make a ridiculous scale version. I don't want to get evicted. :)
great its in my room i am such a grinch/ scrooge
I love it! So much so, that I built my own little Grinchmas shrine:) The instructions were clear and easy. Thanks for a great project!
Looks great! Love it...
I absolute adore this idea!&nbsp; I bet you could really set off the theme with some figurines and stuffed animals/characters and such.&nbsp; I have to do this next year. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Well post a picture of it! Great to hear you liked it Red....
&nbsp;Thank you! if you remember next year post some images when you are done.
<p> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/the-fun-amazing-surprising-exploding-gift-box/">This Instructable </a>includes a video of how to make this tree.&nbsp; Either watch or skip over the first half of the video, which shows how to make an &quot;exploding&quot; gift box.&nbsp;The second half covers this project.&nbsp;While the gift box is a very cool idea, the Grinch/Who Christmas tree is the one I plan to make this year.&nbsp; It's such a rocking craft, and it's very unexpected.<br> <br> I'm 99% sure there will be one of these on my desk at work this holiday season.</p>
I&nbsp;love it.&nbsp; I might just have to try a larger build...<br />
Glad you liked it!<br /> <br /> &nbsp;I was thinking the same using PVC and a heat Gun to bend the tubes. Make sure if you scale it up to post a picture.

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