Worm bin bag for indoor vermicomposting and easy separation of worms from compost


Step 12: Drill pilot holes and put in screws

Picture of Drill pilot holes and put in screws

After glueing, you'll need to strengthen these connections with screws. In this main pic, I have clamped my wood together and am measuring my countersink drill bit for the pilot hole. I don't want the bit to go all the way through, just about an inch and and a quarter, to match the length of my screws. After measuring, drill the pilot hole. If you don't have the countersink drillbit like me, you can use a plain countersinker bit, or even just use a large drill bit to make the divet for the screw head to be flush.

Now change to the philip's head screw driver bit and put your first screw in.

Then, repeat process - pilot hole drilling and screwing - on the other side of the same stick of wood. Now you should have a U-shaped frame, open on one end. Don't attach the other piece of wood  yet, read the next step first, before completing the rectangular frame! (Thanks to jwm.herbert, for this clarifying comment).

jwm.herbert5 years ago
I have a couple of comments for improvement:

It's a little confusing when you say, "Then, repeat process - pilot hole drilling and screwing - on the other side."

I thought you meant do the other end of the frame -- not just the second screw on the same end!

Drilling and putting the 2nd screw in just seemed so natural to me...  that I went ahead and did it...   and then read, "repeat process on the other side."

At that point, I thought it meant, Add the second piece of wood to the other side, and do the same thing.... which I did.
Thus, I ended up with a perfectly symmetrical rectangular frame (thinking this was how it was supposed to be)...

Whoops!   I didn't realize my mistake until it was too late.... Now my frame won't rest levelly on the floor!  (My mistake -- I'll find a way to level it.)

Perhaps it would be helpful for others - if you could change the wording to:

"For your second screw, repeat the process-- drill a pilot hole with countersink, then screw the second screw in.

After this:
You now should have a U-shaped frame that is "open" on one end.
Don't attach the other piece of wood yet!!   Read the next step *before* completing this rectangular frame."

What do you think?
And thanks for the awesome instructable!  I can't wait to start composting!
amyoungs (author)  jwm.herbert5 years ago
Thanks so much for your helpful clarification. I took your advice. Thanks also, for posting it on your alternative energy blog site!
jwm.herbert5 years ago
PS:  Also wanted to add that I'm actually doing this for an Alternative Energy Design & Building class project!
If you're interested, here's a link to our blog: