Step 12: Drill pilot holes and put in screws

After glueing, you'll need to strengthen these connections with screws. In this main pic, I have clamped my wood together and am measuring my countersink drill bit for the pilot hole. I don't want the bit to go all the way through, just about an inch and and a quarter, to match the length of my screws. After measuring, drill the pilot hole. If you don't have the countersink drillbit like me, you can use a plain countersinker bit, or even just use a large drill bit to make the divet for the screw head to be flush.

Now change to the philip's head screw driver bit and put your first screw in.

Then, repeat process - pilot hole drilling and screwing - on the other side of the same stick of wood. Now you should have a U-shaped frame, open on one end. Don't attach the other piece of wood  yet, read the next step first, before completing the rectangular frame! (Thanks to jwm.herbert, for this clarifying comment).

This is an awesome Instructable!!!<br>I made one right away! I have it in a nook by my sink (I can't seem to attach a picture.) I hung a light over it because my 1.5 cm long (adult size, Philippine) native worms were climbing up and drying out. Since my worms are tiny and I have but 50 that I was able to collect from my yard so far, they have just a small amount of bedding in the bottom until they slowly populate the bin.<br>May I ask, Amy, how many years might the felt last before it has to be replaced? Are you still using yours? Thank you so very much for doing this Instructable!
<p>Thanks a ton for sharing your knowledge. At step 22 bed of coir is mentioned. How thick or thin should this bed of coir be? </p>
<p>At step 7 I sewed a &quot;tunnel&quot; about 3/4&quot; from the top and bottom for the cord to go through so it wouldn't slide up/down the bag. Also, I first bought cord stops with only one hole and quickly realized that both ends of the cord would not fit in the one hole so I had to buy two-hole cord stops. It might be helpful to specify two-hole cord stops in the materials list.</p>

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