Step 4: Adding the mesh

Picture of Adding the mesh
Mesh Installed Bottom.jpg
For each box:

Cut the mesh to size using tin snips.

Then lay the mesh into the bottom of the box and using a marker draw six dots where the split pins will go.

Then remove the mesh and drill 4mm hole on these dots.

Placing the mesh back in, push the split pins through the holes ensuring one leg goes either side of a piece of the mesh and open out underneath.

halrob6 years ago
Would steel window screen work for this or would it not allow for good enough drainage?
Numpad6 years ago
Could you not use a staple gun for this bit?
pudtiny (author)  Numpad6 years ago
I guess so, but you would then need to bend all the legs underneath to hold the mesh, the mesh I just was quiet springy so needed some taming.