Have you ever had the desire to grow a moustache, but don't lack the Y chromosome? Have you ever wanted to change your moustache daily, according to your whims and desires? Well, I have the present for you! 

Simply knit, these finger moustaches will not only keep your finger cozy, but provide some amusing photos and show off your personality.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

size 2.5 needles (2.75mm)

Scraps of Worsted/DK/Aran weight yarn (8 wpi) in a variety of bright colors and black.

Tapestry needle

did you use some sort of online program to crate the grids?
beats drawing on the stache like we usually do. hah
Marry me. :P
This is such a cool yet easy instructable i'm hoping to make one of each 'tasche :]D
Everything is better with <strike>bacon</strike> <em>facial hair</em>.&nbsp; Fun project!<br>
yea is there something wrong with bacon?

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