In this tutorial, I will tell you how to make a woven bracelet. You will be amazed that some beads and wires can make a beautiful bracelet.

Step 1: Material and Tools Needed in the Woven Bracelet:

10MM White Pearl Beads

8MM White Pearl Beads

Glass Rhinestone Beads

1.5MM Silver Aluminum Wires

0.3MM Silver Copper Wires

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Bent Nose Plier

Step 2: Bend a Main Shape of the Woven Bracelet

1st, prepare a piece of about 380mm silver aluminum wire, and bend it like the shape in the first picture;

2nd, bend the end of the wire and ensure it can fasten to the other side;

3rd, use some silver copper wires to fix the both sides as the picture shows.

Step 3: Add a Middle Part to This Woven Bracelet

1st, prepare a piece of about 280mm silver aluminum wire, and bend it to the shape as the second picture shows;

2nd, use some silver copper wires to fix the 4 ends to the middle of finished silver aluminum loop.

Step 4: Fix the Shape and Decorate the Middle Part

1st, prepare 2 pieces of about 160mm silver aluminum wires, and bend them to the shape in the first picture;

2nd, attach these two bended silver aluminum wires to the finished silver aluminum loop;

3rd, embed a 10mm white pearl bead on the middle of the bracelet with silver cooper wires;

4th, string a 8mm white pearl bead and a glass rhinestone bead on a silver cooper wire, and fix it to the bracelet like the picture.

Step 5: Attach Some Pearls Beads and Glass Beads to the Bracelet

1st, fix a same one to the other side, and look at the middle of your bracelet, fix another 4 pieces of 8mm pearl beads and 2 glass rhinestone beads to the correct position as the picture shows;

2nd, then that’s the final step, turn your bracelet and fix a 8mm pearl bead to the small loop in both sides.

Step 6: That's the Final Look of the Woven Bracelet:

Just with simple beads and wires, you can make such a beautiful bracelet. Do you want to have a try? Try to make one for your best friends, I'm sure she will like it.

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<p>its so pretty...keep up the good work.</p>
<p>Like this bracelet . It's different .</p>
<p>Hi, thanks for your affirmation. Have a nice weekend!</p>
<p>Like this bracelet . It's different .</p>
<p>funny, excellent !</p>
<p>Thank you. Nice day~</p>
<p>Thank you. Nice day~</p>
<p>I am in LOVE with your work! I was trying to twist my wire around and finally gave up ...frustrated...till this tutorial popped up.</p><p>thanks ...I will be trying this very soon.</p>
<p>Thanks for your support. Have a nice day!</p>
<p>i really love your flowers this is from lexus green</p>
<p>eh is there a good way to fix pearls or structures? My wire ends sometimes stands out and tends to make sharp edges.</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>Hi, you can flatten the wire to avoid to hurt. Try to slide the pearl on the wire and twist them together~</p>

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