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Introduction: "Woven" Copper Ring - DIY Tutorial

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Simple and quick copper ring with a texture that gives the illusion of a "woven" ring. The materials can of course be changed to for example silver or gold instead.

what you need (mainly):

  • Anvil
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Files
  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Material for the ring
  • You might need a butane burner to reheat the material as well.

The remaining shown in the picture is optional to for example close the ring and so on. :)

Step 1: Twist...

Cut of three equally pieces in length from the copper wire. They should be longer then the length required for the ring! You will later on cut the ring into length.

Place the tree copper wires into the screwdriver, hold the other end with a pair of pliers. Make sure all wires is equally long between the grip of the screwdriver and the pliers. Else you will end up with "bump"/rise in the pattern. Is that what you like, well... then do not do as told before! :)

After the wires have the amount of turns you find suiting, use the hammer to flattened the wires to a long "bar" (see picture). Then cut the wires tot he length needed to make the ring.

Step 2: Hammer... and Done!

After the wires have the amount of turns you find suiting, use the hammer to flattened the wires to a long "bar" (see picture). Then cut the wires tot he length needed to make the ring.

Use the file to remove any sharp edges after you cut the material into length.

When shaping the ring it is preferable to use a mandrel, but a round object or an anvil will do the trick as well.

Step 3: Watch This! :)

Here is a instruction video I made for this project. All steps are shown here including the final result! :)
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Happy crafting! :)

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Hi! I’m a newbie at jewelry making but I’m extremely interested in this project! I just need some clarification about the “screwdriver” that you used to twist the wire. Is it just a drill with an adaptable opening? And can you twist more than three strands? How about thicker strands (I’m thinking about matching bracelets)?

LOVE this tutorial! It seriously brought tears to my eyes, I will explain why... My mom lost her wedding band while water skiing when I was a child and, until daddy could afford to get her a new one, he made her a band similar to this one out of silver solder rods. The one he made was just 2 strands twisted, like some of the ones below, and only lightly flattened so you could see the slightly open twists. When mama got her new gold ring, she let me have the one daddy made and I cherished it. Sadly, my home was broken into and the thief stole my ring and a few other pieces, all of which had little to no monetary value, but were invaluable and irreplaceable to me. It broke my heart and I have wanted to make a ring to replace it ever since. Now I know how to do it, thanks to you! I love the copper but will make mine with the silver. Like copper, it would develop a patina but just darker color close to the twists that made it even prettier.

Thanks for the tutorial its really quick and easy to understand

photo-2015-02-12, 8:56 PM.jpgphoto-2015-02-12, 8:56 PM.jpg
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It does look realy nice with a wider model as well! Nice ring! :)

Nice instructable :)

@victordoes can you tell me which software you use to add text to images. Like 'woven copper ring-DIY tutorial' in your cover page.

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GIMP 2. It is free as well :)

It would be nice to add a way to fuse the ring into a single loop, and maybe even look into anodizing so that it is less maleable. Still pretty sweet design, and really simple!

Thanks! There will be a mix :)


nice work, but did you know that wearing copper on your scin is toxic.

I've been told so once by a goldsmith.

But you could cover it with transparent lacquer.



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Copper is NOT toxic to the skin. In fact your body needs copper and absorbing it through the skin is actually a very good way to get the copper needed. ( when you turn green, you know your body is absorbing the copper) And the green just washes off with soap and water.


No, I did actually not know that, did not even guess is sins there is so many jewellery instructions around using copper. But great tip! I will add it to the instructions! Thanks! :)

thank you im going to use this to make my gf a ring

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thank you

This is great! I've always wanted to make something like this, I'll let you know if that happens!

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Thanks! Yes, it would be awesome if you would pose some pictures if that happens! Cheers :)

This really cool because it seems so simple! Is the torch for sealing the ends together at the end? There wasn't a photo of that step.

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The torch is used if the material gets to stiff to work with. It can also be used if you want to add some silver solder. If you cant get that some epoxy might do the trick instead! :)