I know that there are a lot of duct tape wallet instructables out there, however, this one is different... This one is a trifold woven /checkered wallet.

Step 1: Materials

You need two different colors of tape
A knife
Alright I made mine a little different but check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!
Where do you cut off the 1/4 inch? On one of the short sides? And why do you need to do this?
what is a roll with?
a roll width is the width of one piece of tape.
ya i agree <br>
nice a little confusing for me but all re read it maybe it will make more seance and I have the same knife that you showed im the first pic.
hey could you tell me the length and with required in inches ? i really am not getting roll width !<br>oh and what's the width in inch required for this ?
ive been making wallets for about a year now, i based my original ones off of this, ill show pics when i get the time to make some more
Wait... you lost me at &quot;Now lay another eight roll width long strip of the first color down...&quot; Help??
Lay a strip of tape down that is the length of eight rolls set side by side
This is a tad difficult to follow
i made the coin pocket into a id pocket by just cutting the middle out and putting in clear vinyl, or if you wanna keep the duct tape look using masking tape.
what do you mean
After 3 hours of fixing and messing up, I have successfully made my pinkand turquoise wallet!!!!! It's awesome. Thanks for the instructions,999592!!! <br />
&nbsp;pictures?<br /> <br />
ok um i got you until the second or inside panel where did it come from
could you rephrase that in the form of a question?
Question. When say 5 or more coins in the change pocket, does the wallet get to thick to fold together?
fold the coin pocket on the OUTSIDE... works alot better...
ok great!
one more thing, this is the best wallet i've seen on Instructables to date!
wow i think that is really great! i am TOTALLY going to make it! Nice clean design, very original, and super boss. I make duct tape wallets for my friends similar to this, and sell um for a good price. You could make loads off this design!
dude that is sooooo awsome :)
I started over 4 times with the weaving (!<sup>%$) </sup><br/>so I just made a solid core and added the pattern on the outside :)<br/>It looks much smoother and nicer than just weaving it.<br/>
hey i never said it would be easy
Flippen sweet dude! this is probably one of the best duct tape wallets i've ever seen! NICE!
well you know... i try and keep things fresh
This is SICK! I made one in about 3 hours, i restarted twice though, the weaving of the duct tape takes a lot of practice to get right, but it's AMAZING results are well worth it. I couldn't resist going to Walmart and getting some black and red duct tape to do it. 5 Stars and favorited, I'm definitely going to tell my friends about this... This is without doubt the best Duct Tape wallet instructable around... P.S. I took the picture with my cell phone, it's camera sucks, so it looks like pink instead of red
thank you!
Very nice! I've been needing a new duct tape wallet, and I'm tired of my gimmicky one. This looks great! (5'd and fav'd)
wow i have to make one!! thats awsome!!
Awesome. Checkers are one of the best patterns out there. Second to plaid, but still awesome.
3rd and if i wasn't too lazy i would do this... I'm just gonna use a old wallet and cover it with duct tape great ible BTW
second comment.. great ible
W00p! that looks awesome! But one thing that sucks. This instructable is featured and only has 257 views. But it still is awsome. 1st commenter.

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