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Introduction: Woven Heart Basket

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This is such a sweet craft to make for any occasion, like Easter, Mothers Day, or Christmas. We decided to make ours for Valentines day. This cute basket is made out of felt but you can also use thick paper.

What you need:

Basket Pattern



Tailor’s chalk

Art Knife

cutting mat

Hot glue


Step 1:

  • Download the pattern
  • Trace around the pattern with chalk on some felt

Step 2:

  • Mark the inside lines
  • Cut the centre lines with an art knife
  • Cut out the oval

Step 3:

Now do the same to the other piece of felt

Step 4:

  • Once you have the two pieces cut out, wipe off the chalk markings with your finger
  • Fold each piece in half and pin to hold the felt together

Step 5:

  • Weave the first purple loop through the first pink loop
  • Now open up the purple loop and thread the pink loop through the purple loop
  • Thread the purple through the pink, and the pink through the purple loop
  • To weave the second row, thread the 1st pink loop through the purple loop, then the purple loop through 2nd pink loop
  • Weave the pink loop through the purple and the purple loop through the pink
  • Follow this process until all the loops have been woven

Step 6:

Take out the pins and open up the basket

Step 7:

  • Make a handle for the basket
  • Glue the handle on the inside of the basket using hot glue

Step 8:

Now you can fill the basket with all sorts of goodies and give this sweet gift to someone special.

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    This is so cutee. I think i can make this in home. Can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016 ?? I hope i win that's contest. Thank You :)

    I really like the designs and how this came out! They look so cute yet easy to make. A perfect gift for Valentines Day. Thanks!

    1 reply

    seems it should have a way attach the handle without hot glue

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment! I guess weaving the handle into the basket could work, I will test it out.

    I have seen these woven hearts and wondered how it was done. The finished project looks more complicated than it really is. Nice instructions! Thank you.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment. I thought so too, the weaving does look complicated but it is really easy to weave.

    I faved so I can make this. Best of luck in the contest. I will use this pattern often for small gifts. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a Happy Valentine's Day~


    2 replies

    Thank you so much! Great, I'm glad you can use the pattern, I would love to see what you make. . Happy Valentines Day to you as well.

    I will share a picture when I make one. Hopefully soon but can't promise.Thanks again.


    Thanks so much! Yes, it is very easy to make :)

    Thank you! We had fun making the heart.